King Fuzzies - OG Kush Pre-Roll




1.5 grams / 1 joint per package




These Indica-dominant pre-rolls are a good option for when you want to bring it down a level.

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4 stars

What a waste.

Look, I got these things from the sublime Fuzzy's representative himself. I bought three pre-rolls OG Kush for $25 and they gave me three more for a dollar, on a promotion. That's 6 total pre-rolls for $26. Unfortunately I'm a pot snob, grower, and terpene enthusiasts. I never by pre-rolls because they're all trash. If you grow, if you cure, and if you understand real flower....You know exactly why a pre-roll is a waste of time. I explained this in detail to the sublime rep at my dispensary as he's trying to oversell me on how incredible his Fuzzy's pre-rolls are because not only is it "Top Notch OG Kush" flower, it's infused with terpenes...what? First of all, why would you need to infuse great flower with terpnes? OG Kush literally has some of the best terpenes on planet Earth. If you grow top-notch quality bud, you know damn well your flower is going to leech the essence of terpenes everywhere. ( if you grew it correctly and cured it correctly). You wouldn't need to add terpenes to something that already has over terpened by Mother Nature? I'm then told that these things have concentrate laced in them, and then to top it all off, of course kief rolled on the outside. Again, I hate pre-rolls, I don't believe anybody when it comes to the hype about how great their flower is or how great their pre-roll is when it's going to be dry and taste like absolute trash, and give me one fourth the potent high I should get off fresh flower. I was however with a female friend of mine that is new to the game, was getting sucked in and sold by the sales BS.....and of course the promotion sounded amazing, so I went against my better judgment and made the small purchase. My bad. Within one hit, I knew it was a joke. Dry material, terp bruh, you won't taste anything, literally no terps!!! No concentrate taste, know hashy taste, no flower taste. Nope,....just the taste of pure dry ashtray. No concentrate in joint at all. The kief is green! GREEN KEIF? We all know green kief means it's trash kief. Don't believe the hype, of course you're going to get a buzz off these things, but some of my worst flower in my grow room will get you way higher, give you way better of an experience with terpenes and cannabinoids then whatever the hell they're rolling and putting in this horrible packaging. In today's cannabis culture, this is a total violation. All toes & all thumbs down on this one. But don't believe me, waste your money and go ahead and enjoy the trash people continually try to pass off as quality medicine, or quality cannabis. I got suckered,... it is my own fault at the end of the day. Won't make the mistake twice.

sit comic

Do 1 hits in dugout best

great quality and value.

scrap off keif . unravel. Do 1 hits in dugout. best bang .


Well I bought the 3 pack because I was in a rush and didn’t have the time to roll. Well I’m glad because these were hella Stoney! You can’t go wrong with either flavor.
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