LOL ( Highly Recommended )

LOL is a super sativa that grows like an Indica- meaning a quick finishing time and highly pest resistant. It even looks more like an indica, scrub-like with abundant leaves, a truly stunning-looking plant with a short internodal distance that is difficult to overfeed making it great for beginners and masters who really want to get the most out of a sativa. For a huge harvest, pinch-pruning will keep the plants shorter and ensure a wealth of fat buds. LOL is loaded with resin making it perfect for mouthwatering concentrates and hash, the buds are dense and sticky and sparkling with crystals that give off a sweet fruity citrus smell. LOL's name says it all, its rich honey hit is totally euphoric. This variety is great to share with friends, its continuous, strong high perfect giggly evenings of chatting and laughing out loud.

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