Fire & Jane Space Candy

Product description

Fire and Jane’s Space Candy is a balanced hybrid that smokes like a clear indica. When you pop open this biodegradable space-age joint case you’ll immediately notice the sweet candy apple scent accented with hints of fruity berries and just a touch of cherry. It’s a smooth inhale, and you’ll be grateful for the roach coach because we do not recommend smoking a whole joint in one sitting.

The high from Space Candy is delightfully relieving, opening you up to new frontiers of conversation and banishing nervousness to the far reaches of the galaxy. You’ll feel happy, motivated, and unbound from the normal constraints of daily life. Expect smiles and laughter, but no paranoia.

What could be better than a reusable hard pack full of prerolls? How about donating to a good cause? Each purchase of Space Candy by Fire & Jane contributes 50¢ to Campaign Zero and the fight to end police brutality in America. Pot Mates agrees with Fire & Jane that no citizen should fear for their lives in the face of officers sworn to serve and protect.

Pre RollEarthyHappyHybridRecreationalRelaxedSleepySpace CandySweet
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