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100% Pure CBD Oil blended with Lemon reinvigorates you with natural citrus extracts to help you reconnect and regain energy.  

Ingredients: CBD Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

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4 stars

Lemon CBD

I barley used this pen maybe 10-40 hits through 2 days and it tastes burnt and ran out?? I thought this thing was supposed to be 160 puffs?? Wouldn’t get a again
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You're absolutely correct, those pen should yield 150 puffs assuming you are taking light 3-second draws. We stand behind our products 100%, please reach out to our support team at so we can help you out. 
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Great tasting CBD pen!

Great product with customer service to back

The vape is SO smooth. My pen eventually got a weird taste like rubber it was burning or something. I contacted them through email and they completely stood behind their product. They told me to bring the pen back and exchange it. How can you beat that? A company that stands behind their product is rare nowadays. Plus, a nice lemon taste that is so smooth I do not even feel any vape going down my throat. Love their product.

The best CBD Pens!

I love Select Oil THC cartridges & have used a variety of the Indica and Hybrids. They are potent, clean & just plain efficient for relief of my pain, insomnia, nice cerebral high and general wellbeing...due to a new job I have been hired for, I am not able to continue the THC cartridges for a while. Enter the CBD Pens~They are same excellent quality, consistent in potency & provide me with same relief minus the *high*...I can use them anytime at home or on the go~Lemon Revive for daytime & Lavender or Cinnamon Relax for bedtime.
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