Pineapple Express

3.9 stars by 44 reviews
delivery Simi Valley, CAmedical & recreational
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3.9 stars

Highly recommend them

they always have killer prices and top quality product, wish you carried left coast tho! thank you for being awesome every time :)
Pineapple Express
Simi Valley
Thank you for your awesome review! Our Purchasing Manager is currently looking into carrying Left Coast products - thanks for mentioning it! We look forward to serving you again next time - Team Pineapple Express
Official Response

Highly recommended

The owner is a very nice guy and made sure all my needs were taken care of. 👍🏼

Website Lies

This place is absolute garbage. They set up their menu to make you believe they are cheap and deliver same day. Yet they only give you the information that they deliver to a VERY select few areas same day, and don't add the actual cost of your order until you go out of your way to call them. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. There are plenty of other respectable delivery sites who go above and beyond to work with you. These jokers rely on complacency to ensure their business and they do not deserve your money.


My first experience with a delivery service HA!!! Even know all the reviews warned me not to use them I still gave them a chance. I ordered at 3:30 on Monday Memorial Day. They couldn't make it until the next day. Pick anytime so I picked 9:30 am no big deal. She explained weedmaps was not showing taxes etc. I had no idea how much a delivery fee even was. I was paying cash and needed to know she said she would call be right back. Never heard from her. Called next morning no answer left VM, 15min after they were due to show I called and cancelled my order . Got a text shortly after they were running behind it would be 24 min. Then a call she SAW I left a VM well listening to it would of been nice and how about 2 VM's ., Horrible customer service will never call them again! Thanks for the great first experience.


these guys wanted to deliver the next day in the morning GTFOOH !!! ill take my money somewhere else!!!

Understandably low rating

In the social rating age, the average score for a place hovers around 4.4. Considering this place's oddly abrasive and one-up style of customer service, it's no wonder that its score is well below average. As for the product, the free hash that I tried of my friends' was of very low quality, with lots of micro-greens. This shows mechanical filtration, which is NOT how you make hash in 2019. The weed also was NOT dispensary quality. Though well-cured, the buds had amber trichomes (kief), meaning the product was old. It degenerated and developed a strong chlorophyll-y taste that is signature of degraded plant material. Basically, It was old and still sold. Overall, I strongly recommend other providers on this platform. There are multiple much higher rated services I have tried, that provide a higher-impact product at a lower price point with higher-quality staff. Ansell, E.B., et al., Effects of marijuana use on impulsivity and hostility in daily life. Drug Alcohol Depend. (2015) also applies here. EDIT: After reading the other reviews on here, lol. No wonder I had a bad experience. Everyone else seems to.


Open even on Sundays when other places are closed! Friendly! Fast! Great selection! I love these guys and would recommend them to anyone looking for top of the line product!

Stay away

Stay away, as all the reviews have said

Never even came

So disputed to poor reviews prior I tried to go with these guys sonde they were close to my house. I ordered at 630 this evening and had to follow up after the specified window of time was up. They advised they were running behind but would be here by ten. Here we are sitting at eleven o clock and still no driver still no text or call back after multiple attempts. I figured this whole thing felt kinda scam like and I’m a little disappointed that it turned out to be Definitely not a good experience.

Insulting prices

Please do Yourselves a favor or don’t say I didn’t warn you. Way overpriced for an average product 90 a gram for something you can get for 30 or 40 And Dry A F buds

drop your prices!

your was looks like shit or $90/g for shatter???!!! fuck me man.... I'm not the o my one

Best Delivery Service yet!

Ordered from On Deck Coop for the first time today and I am very satisfied. The variety of product was amazing and the quality was top notch. Very professional service and will be ordering from you guys from now on. The GSC and Ironman is very tastey ^.^ Thanks guys !

Perfect visit!

First time and the guy was amazingly awesome! And really helpful and the bud quality is the best you won’t be disappointed but any! I’m going to be calling them weekly fersure! Glad I found them cuz my bro! Thanks josh and thanks on deck coop! ❤️❤️❤️

Way overpriced

Was looking for a good delivery service and saw this company and then saw that most wax doesn't have prices and the ones that do are way overpriced for the quality from the pictures. Unfortunately I will never pay $90 for a gram of wax unless you are talking crystalline cbd or THCa and that's still $30 more then what I can get it at DC collective. I'll pay $5 in gas and go to DC collective get a gram for $40 of high quality product compared to this $60-90 a gram crap I see in the pictures. Lol. Y'all need to drop your prices. This companies name has changed. Lol. Wonder if it's cause all the expensive prices they use to have. Let's see if they have decent prices now that are more logical.

it made it

not too bad at alll. will be back

Wax prices way to high for the quality

With the prices on was that they have its ridiculous. Who's buying those 90 dollar grams of not even top quality shatter!!
patient 0

Sickest Thing

this is a great service. Josh and Joey are the best. speed of service is relatively quick. there was a few hiccups but I was more than compensated for it. Will for sure give them a call again so should you

Not sure what happened to these guys

These guys used to be pretty good, but now somehow they've become super unreliable and are horrible at communicating. If you're thinking about using these guys, then just know that you'll need to have a lot of time on your hands....cause you'll be waiting around for an undetermined amount of time. If you schedule a delivery, it could take you a few hours just to nail down an ETA...that wont even be close to accurate anyways. Not sure what happened. I'd been a member for a couple years with this collective and they used to be very prompt in communication and very reliable with their eta's. Just switched my collective to Exclusive Services who seem to be on their A game with communication and customer service. You may want to check them out rather than using ODC.

Wow avoid this guy at all costs

This guy couldnt accept the fact that I decided to go with another delivery service after him not answering any phone calls. So an hour later he proceeded to call my phone literally 30 times in a row after rejecting all of his calls. He then sent me a text asking me not to call his service anymore because I didnt respect guy is literally psychotic.

Horrible quality & taste.

The herb is overpriced & tastes horrible..tried a few strains to know that even if it looks decent or smells okay all the buds and wax still fail for being good tasting...complete garbage..mid shelf product & a top shelf price.