Orange Cookies Live Resin Sauce


Friendly Farms Orange Cookies is a flavor-packed Hybrid. With strong aromas of sweet citrus that resembles peeling off the rine of a fresh tangerine. This starin will provide you with deep calming body effects as well as euphoric cerebral buzz to leave you happy and relaxed.


Every flavor is a hit for Friendly Farms, and its menu of extractions offers a variety of strains with something for everyone to enjoy. Friendly Farms invites the cannabis community of California to tap into its friendly side with dabs of highly specialized live resin. Our Live Resin will forever change the way you consume cannabis.

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Orange 🍊 Cookies 🍪- Friendly Farms ——- I truly do not even know where to begin. Friendly farms is one of the companies that if you don’t know about them you should and I’m going to tell you why. Friendly farms is there for us as the consumer they are truly trying to give us exactly what we are looking for which is a true full spectrum strain a specific medication. We’re going to be looking at the live resin applicator of orange cookies. This hybrid comes in at 62.7% THC a true full spectrum with nothing added , nothing removed native Terps and natural cannabinoid profile maintained a truly different experience is to be had. Beginning with popping the box having a wonderful little pamphlet from friendly farms has always been friendly looking out for us then popping open the white tube to find a beautiful applicator with beautiful Amber color of the orange cookies live resin in the window. I pop open the top and I can smell the terps from here it’s amazing when it is not artificial or excessive and unnatural amount of Terps how amazing cannabis can be again. You know remember the days when we were just smoking the plant you’re actually going to get that amazing flavor the amazing affects again. Finally. . . I use a very small amount I am a heavy user throughout the day always using cartridges and taking dabs so for me that’s crazy I was able to use such a small amount actually only one or two clicks on the dispenser. . . I first feel just really uplifted and hungry :-) I feel relaxed I feel euphoric I feel like I wish everyone had access to this medicine right now because I feel so good. This is one of those strains and products that you’re going to want to go to whenever you’re just wanting to feel good and enjoy the day and enjoy the beautiful nature around you and enjoy the wonderful people and energy and vibes from the earth and from your friends in from everyone and everything. It truly allows you to feel that wonderful amazing connection. You’re able to truly put your thoughts together and feel peace and at one with yourself. . . Even after only about 10 minutes you truly feel your happiness level beginning to Spike and get higher and higher and higher while the uplifting affects are very steady right behind keeping you feeling great no matter what you’re doing that you are happy and honestly I feel like socializing with this is an even more amazing experience. So bring your friends and family along enjoy this alone or in a party. . . The GSC and Orange Juice combination truly shines and with Friendly Farma Top of the line tech and R&D we now have the 5 ⭐️ 🏆 winning product you see before you. A beautiful concentrate ready to wow and bring you to an elevated level beyond what you thought could be possible with such a small amount. This lands in my 4th all time in strains 😮 😀 . . I cannot say this more I highly highly recommend this company. Being there for you looking out for you.
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