Premium Jack Premium THC POD


A sativa-dominant cannabis strain combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

Great for: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Lack of appetite

STIIIZY’s distillates are handcrafted through a solvent-free distillation process using only top-shelf quality concentrates and cannabis-derived terpenes.  STIIIZY’s purity is unbeatable.

Lab-Tested Cannabis Derived Terpenes



No Cuts or Fillers

No Solvents

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3.8 stars

Batch #: PJ6A-3 (MFD 8/07/19) 87.79% THC

Another great non flavored Sativa by Stiiizy imo. Taste is nice and earthy and has a subtle bit of Jack Herer strain on the exhale! Effects are uplifting and energizing. Take a nice blinker of this to start off the day and you can't go wrong (=


This strain has that earthy and Smokey flavor too it. On point to what the flower would taste like 👌🏽 After 2 Rips on the BIIIG STIIIZY I’m medicated ✅. Purchase from a licensed dispensary that’s verified by STIIIZY and you guys won’t have any issues on the pod(s) quality 💯


mine hit good nice after pulls

Thc: 78.06%. Cbd: 1.52. Batch: 4/15/19, PJACK-419

This isn't a good product for advanced users but may work for entry folks new into the cart vape world. The taste is lacking with an over abundance of earthy hits and once the flavor leaves, the high might go with it. It's yet another stiizy pod that doesn't feel like the strength is true as advertised. It took a lot of pulls before some feeling kicked in and of course rolling right over the oil in doing so. The abuse given did not take well and was drained with a day of heavy use. The pod was another distraction with clogging roughly halfway in causing the standard stiizy spitting but the pod does allow the use of every last drop to be used, just sometimes not in a good way. This is a pass.

Tastes Disgusting

Flavor tastes like gross overheated dabs. This is only my second time purchasing from Stiizy and I liked my first pod so much (Strawnana) I decided to get a full gram this time. I am very, very disappointed because all that money was to waste. This is completely unusable.


Smooth hitting

A HARD PASS. It’s time to go!

Although I love you STIIIZY fam, this was the only one I have not tried bit in all honesty IT. HAS. TO. GO By popular review and demand, we definitely love the fruity strains! I honestly think if you guys made another fruity strain to your line it WILL sell. The “Sativa” Strawberry Cough by itself isn’t cutting it tbh. I don’t know if you guys read all of the reviews, especially whether you’ll see mine or not, but I do hope maybe I can pitch in this idea. Maybe a Lychee Berry, Milk Tea, Watermelon Bomb, or a Peachy Booty would be fuckin rad. Much love - Drew Anaheim, CA


I dont know if this is a bad batch but it smells horrible. I tried contacting support and they said they cant do anything about taste or color. I responded about the horrible SMELL to see if they would look into it but STIIIZY is avoiding me at all cost. Its unfortunate. It looks like this strain has the lowest rating out of all the strains listed. AVOID THIS STRAIN: PREMIUM JACK isn't PREMIUM at all its HIDEOUS. And yes it taste horrible. I spent money on a defective batch and I wont buy anymore


Potency is there but flavor profile is not true to Jack Herer. Hoping Stiiizy fixes.

tastes like chemical ass

I tried this and the gelato, the gelato is alright I guess but this one is gross. I'm not that impressed by either, honestly. Taste kind of reminds of the old King Pens. I like the design of the cartridge but I still have two old King Pen carts in my drawer from two years ago and these will probably join them. I don't understand why it makes my throat feel gross when the lab test results look similar to my preferred brand of cartridge. Something just feels off about them, they're from a legit rec dispensary and were in the child proof packaging so they're not fake.

People exaggerated to much

Taste a little burnt but I’m guessing that’s just the flavor of the jack but overall it hits pretty good don’t know why people complaining so much just has a little burnt taste but it goes away but I give it a 9 out of 10 gets me that head high :)

earthy taste with excellent effect

Went from smoking Gelato to Premium Jack pod this morning and enjoy the piney yet sweet taste. Hit the spot, would recommend

Top favorite

Out of all of the strains I tried (about 90% a few more yet to try) this is my absolute favorite. Gets the job done with pain, anxiety, mood, depression, fatigue without couch lock. So potent for s sativa. Have yet to get a bad premium jack. If you got a weird tasting, burnt, not effective pod you definitely got a bunk pod. (The first time I tried stiiizy I got a bunk pod didn’t work or get me high but so glad I didn’t give up and bought another from different club and wow 💯 x stronger and potent) So take it back to your dispensary if you got a bunk cause the real stiiizy is fireeeeeee, esp in an over saturated vape market!!!! #1 Stiiizy deafie fan !!


Sabe a quemado este


Picked up a half gram of this and the taste was so terrible!! Not sure if it was just this batch or what? But It was like a burnt firecracker or burnt chemicals it was so gross don’t get this one stick to strawberry cough or blue dream.


Convenient but not worth anywhere near what they go for. Pass

Tastes like rotten cheese

Maybe I had a bad experience, but out of all the Stiiizy pods I've bought, this one just tastes absolutely terrible. I don't know what the hell people are talking about here, this definitely does not taste like bud. I'd stick with Tangie or Strawberry if you're looking for a sativa.

Crazy Good

Gonna be going to San Diego in a week and one of buddies had brought these back and honestly can't wait to grab more when I go. Taste like straight bud, and gets you high as shit real quick.

Hands-down FAVORITE!!

You cannot go wrong. It’s got a delicious smoky and perfect flavor, hits beautifully, and the high is awesome and quick! You honestly can’t go wrong here, this is perfection!

Does its job

Honestly, it gets you high hella quick. It sits you down for a while so DO NOT use it if you need to get shit done lol. If you are using it for aches and pains, this is it! But I've found those aches and pains to double when this wears off (Like any drug really). As for taste... yes it's like eats a bud plant and drinking a cup of dirt. You'll be thinking everyone can smell you (They cant) but it smells and tastes like a punch of bud to the nose. Once you get past it though and accept the cotton mouth, its not too bad
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