Cherry Pie Vape Cartridge 500mg


Hybrid, Indica-dominant

Taste: Sweet & Earthy

Cherry Pie is a hybrid strain that is beloved for it’s fast acting, subtle effects. Often referred to as a light-indica, this strain is known for it calming full-body relief. Patients report enjoying Cherry Pie for stress relief, headaches, and minor pains.

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2.5 stars

Nice buzz, bad flavor.

This cartridge has a standard design and good airflow. The oil appears to be kinda darker than most cartridges ... Once I took the first puff, I realized quickly why it was cheaper than the rest of the ones being offered at the shop... It taste like poor quality BHO extracts, after I have tried it for the first day, I’m realizing it has a nice potent buzz, but the taste is really tough to get used to/enjoy... bummer. Won’t buy again.


San Diego February 2019 Typically, I love all "cherry" strains, but this one is a bit of a dud. The label's test data looked fine. But, it had little impact. And, the small impact wasn't pleasurable. it wasn't bad -- just blah. At least it's a half not full gram.

Gag, literally.

Never in my 10+ years of smoking have I ever taken a rip of something and almost immediately, thrown up...until I bought this cherry pie vape cart in SF and took a rip of it. This cart if by far the worst tasting thing I’ve ever put to my lips. ! If you think in anyway this is “fire” then you guys are sadly misguided. Why are the vape carts so damn dark yo? Normal concentrates aren’t that deep dark amber gold-brown color. You guys need to try Kurvana ASCND, or Tree Base Klear carts to taste 100% purity and FIRE! You will thank me, I promise!

So mellow!

This is my favorite strain before a massage! Total body melt without being too heady!
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