dreamt 45-night sleep pen

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dreamt's all-in-one sleep pen is a precise blend of THC, CBD, melatonin, valerian extract, and terpenes, designed to initiate sleep quickly and keep you asleep for a full night. Each pen is tested rigorously, easy to use and delivers approximately 45 night's sleep.

DisposableCBDEarthyHybridLemonLimoneneLinaloolMyrceneRelaxedSleep SoundlySleepyTHC
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22 reviews

2 months ago
2 stars

Works fast, Induces deep sleep, lasts 5 days.

Got this pen for my mother who has suffered from insomnia for years. After a couple puffs, she's out within an hour, and wakes up feeling well rested the next day. This stuff really works! Unfortunately this pen did not last anywhere near 45 days lmao. it ran out of oil in about a week of very light use. definitely not worth the money. A $15 half gram cart lasts me longer than this.
14 days ago
1 star

Pen doesn’t work

Initially I was very excited to try this product because it has so many good reviews from others diagnosed with insomnia; however, the pen was so clogged I couldn’t get anything to come out. After A LOT of attempts of myself and my partner pulling as hard as possible we got it warm enough for the bottom light to turn on, but almost nothing came out and the pen got to hot to hold. I can’t give much feedback on the intended use of this product but I would not recommend it this product because of faulty hardware and it’s price.
1 year ago
5 stars

Game Changer

I was diagnosed with insomnia a few years ago. Despite using every over the counter sleep aids (literally), I could still never get a full nights rest without interruption. I tried dreamt after having it recommended to me and, at first, was a bit concerned about using cannabis for the first time. I ended up picking up a vaporizer about a month ago and, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS, got a full nights rest. My wife and I have both been using dreamt for the past few weeks and it has literally become a part of my daily life. @dreamt Thank you for making a product that actually works
1 year ago
5 stars

This pen&tincture is ptsd best night aid ever!

And as a budtender, I have gotten to try a lot of products… This shiiitis the fuucking cure to my insomnia/anxiety. A few puffs of the pen and a full dropper of syrup is going to knock even the most complex of ptsd suffers! The last product that did work for me, the company went under, so I MUST speak up about products that work so they can thrive in the marketplace. I was upset that my workplace has lagged on deciding whether to carry it or not! PRODUCT IS LITT!!! KEEP PRODUCING!!
2 years ago
5 stars

Sleep pen that works

I will recommend this to anyone that truly wants something that works. What a extraordinary product for sleep. I have an aunt that could not sleep and suffers from insomnia, I gave her this pen as a gift and she said it was the best nights sleep she has ever had. Want to share this with the world because I believe this is a product that should be shared with everyone, please consider trying it if you have trouble sleeping.
11 months ago
5 stars

Wake up feeling amazing

I don't have insomnia, but after a full night's sleep I still wake up groggy and stay fatigued throughout the day. Multiple blood tests have found no answers. This pen is the first thing in 20+ years (I've tried literally everything) that has me falling asleep quickly and waking up without my alarm, full of energy and I can actually focus in the the mornings...and best of all, no side effects so far. I have noticed my anxiety and depression are also significantly reduced, presumably because I am getting better quality sleep. PLEASE don't ever stop selling this product!
1 year ago
5 stars

Works so well, i'm blown away

I bought this pen atrium after the staff was raving about it. I hit it right it before bed and passed out after like 15 mins. Crazy, cause my insomnia's been really bad thru all this rona s**t. Dreamt has been helping me fall and stay asleep all night, and I feel clear headed the next day. This is all I'll use for sleep now.
5 months ago
5 stars

I can't give 10 stars so 5 will do..

Wow. I'm not playing, I've tried everything. Over the counter, prescription sleep meds, just good ole smoking and yet I never have a solid night sleep...until now. I have kids and a dog and no matter what I do someone disturbs my sleep. But not anymore.. I'm about a week in and I haven't woken up in the middle of the night once... My brain doesn't have that hangover the next day (usually melatonin gives me that) and I feel refreshed. Thank you guys you're really on to something. A game changer for sure. Highly recommend!
9 months ago
5 stars

Dreamt products

I had a problem with the pen working. The company made up for the inconvenience and then some! This is a fantastic product, especially if you have trouble sleeping. I have tinnitus and this is better than prescription or any over the counter sleep aids. I have tried the tincture and it also works very well and unlike other tinctures that I have tried, this has a very good taste and helps you sleep like a baby. Fantastic customer service with wonderful products!
1 year ago
5 stars

It works !

This pen really helps me and my wife get 8 hours of sleep. My wife suffers from anxiety and has had a lot of trouble sleeping. This pen helps with both her anxiety and her sleep. She’s never been an avid marijuana user or advocate but this pen has really opened her eyes to its medicinal properties.
1 year ago
5 stars

Really Interesting Pen

I got one of these vapes in SF at my local dispensary a few days ago. I had tried the tincture and wanted to give this a try as well. This puts me to sleep faster and the terpenes taste like jasmine and pepper (super good). I can use this just to relax mid day or at night to sleep. It is such a cool pen and theres nothing like this that actually works. Will buy again.
1 year ago
5 stars

Best Sleep Ever

This pen has been a life changer for me. Not only does it help me sleep, but with everything going on it has helped to alleviate my anxiety as well! I bought the pen and tincture at Barbary Coast in SF and so happy it was recommended to me. I only need a few puffs on the pen to knock out.
5 months ago
5 stars


For years I've had problems with sleeping until now. I LOVE THIS VAPORIZER 🙌🏽 It works fast and I'm able to get a great sleep.🛌🏽😴🙌🏽
6 months ago
5 stars

A revelation

This vape is a revelation. I have been an insomniac for 30 years, and it has given me the best, safest sleep I’ve had in 30 years. I have tried all other medical and pharmaceutical interventions, and nothing has helped as dramatically as this vape. Amazing.
6 months ago
5 stars

A Magic Pen and Great Brand

I ordered this pen for the first time in November and while it was extremely helpful for my occasional sleep anxiety and splitting migraines, it did keep getting clogged after each use and would take ~ 2 minutes to unclog each time. Recently I contacted them about this issue since I did want to repurchase, and they informed me that they came out with an improved version of the pen at the end of 2020. They replaced my faulty one for free with the new version, which works flawlessly. They even hand-delivered the replacement and included a sleep mask — so thoughtful! I’m not a huge fan of how weed makes me feel but this pen doesn’t make you feel high with the recommended dose (at least not before it knocks you out).
7 months ago
5 stars

Best Sleep Ever

I have such issues getting to sleep and dreamt was recommended to me by some friends. This is so much better than any of the prescriptions I’ve had to take. It’s been about 3 months using their products and I’ve bought multiple pens for myself and family. We all swear by it! Love their new pen as well! It’s smokes so much better for me. Dedicated customer!
1 year ago
5 stars

Good Value Product

Started using 1:1 THC-CBD cartridges by Stiiizy a few months ago for sleep after hearing good things from friends about weed. It didn't really help me so my dispo recommended me the dreamt pen for fast action. I slept really well and woke up without feeling dehydrated or out of place. Lasted me a month or so. Worth a Try!
1 year ago
4 stars

Would give 5 stars but I can see clogging issues

Fantastic mixture, my exact type of product and I normally hate things with flavors like these but it's a very calming nice flavor - Reviewing solely so my local retailer keeps it in stock lol.
1 year ago
2 stars

Pen stopped working

I’m an insomniac, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in years. This gave a good body high, but still didn’t manage to sleep throughout the night. I did wake up without feeling tired or groggy so that’s a plus. After one nights use, this thing decided to stop working. Felt like something that could’ve been a good thing, but was quickly disappointed.
8 months ago
2 stars

Not even close to 45 nights

I loved it, super relaxing & helped me sleep. I loved how I woke up in the morning energetic and ready for the day. But that pen literally lasted 3 nights lol. Not worth the money if it’s gonna go out that fast. Super disappointed
Hi! We’re sorry to hear that. If you reach out to info@youdreamt.com, we’d be happy to make things right and learn more.
Official Response8 months ago
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