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A pure indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, the “purple” in its name nods to the subtle notes of grape on a pleasantly fruity yet earthy bouquet. Purple Kush is known to deliver long-lasting physical relief alongside an enhanced mood of cheerful happiness and mental creativity. It’s often chosen to offset anxiousness, elevate mood and encourage supreme relaxation.

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5 stars

great indica!

great indica. felt the heavy eye feeling right when i took the hit, love it. 😎

Ideal Indica Strain

This Purple Kush strain is the ideal indica strain for the indo fans out there like myself. Its pungent and earthy and gets you mellow in just one puff. Potency is on point nice and strong and levels into the body nicely leaving you with a clear mind and absolutely stress free. Purple Kush is some truly Amazing stuff.
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