Buddy Buddy | GMO Cookies

Also known as the Garlic Cookies, a powerful indica leaning strain cross from Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. GMO cookies inherited the gassy diesel aroma from Chemdawg while sweet and earthy flavor from GSC. This high potent flower will help in pain reduction without clamp you down to the couch. Imagine walking into a room full the diesel pungent aroma, this is what a room is like in Buddy Buddy garden where the GMO is grown. This GMO strain, a pheno hunted by SkunkMasterFlex, is always reach out for light and therefore, they can be as tall as 7 to 8 feet in a matter of 4 weeks into the flowering. The Christmas tree shaped cola can easily be bigger than anyone’s forearm. GMO is truly an OMG flower, consistently tested ard 30% THC.

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