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4.7 stars

Got my order wrong

I went here specifically to order a cbd product and since it was my first time I got a discount and ordered a few extra things. They didn’t include the cbd in the order and then when I hit them up about it I got no response.


The cannabis on this app is outrageously overpriced.

Great Delivery service!

We got out stuff at a good amount of time, and everything was quick and smooth. Thank you!

30% tax


Confused ASF

I didnt order because the description on the flowers were confusing. I feel there is wayyyy to much info that some could careless to have to read in order to just order some weed. If I were running this company I would dumb it down for dumbasses like me.. all the Xtra info can be put in the details for those who know what all that shit means and what it represents. I mean there is not even a key to help me understand what the hell I'm reading.. sorry guys I'm sure your great but I can't buy when I don't know what the hell I'm purchasing ...

solid service

delivery is quick. product is good. people are cool. Really, its the best delivery service ive ever used. (10+). The only issue with services/sites like this and Budee is accurate inventory on their site and weedmaps seem to be an issue. i suspect with the volume of orders they take hourly its hard to keep up so you may get a call offering to swap products.

Impressive delivery service

Okay!!!! Y'all definitely raised the bar for delivery services. Ample selection, professional staff and fast ETA's is what separates Puffy from the rest. I HIGHLY recommend using their service.. pun intended lol. Good job guys, finally, a legit delivery service.

Confused by the 1 star reviews

They were kind and there for me though the entire process by email, making sure everything went through correctly and the weed is pretty good. They quoted me an hour to and hour 1/2 and made it within an hour. My experience was very satisfying and will be ordering again. Try them out for yourself.


I placed an order and never received a call, an email, or any confirmation. I reached out on their site to customer service, and was told the typical delivery is an hour and a half and I should get my order soon. After two hours, I contacted customer service again to have them give me the run around for another almost 30 mins (then I get two emails both confirming and canceling an order I didn’t even make) and when I finally get a call from the driver he tells me he will be another 40 minutes. I canceled my order and won’t be using puffy in the future.

The worst...

Don’t even bother. They couldn’t get it to me in three hours!! Multiple calls later still nothing. Totally incompetent you will be frustrated don’t bother.

Terrible customer service

I prefer to order by phone call but when I called I was told to purchase online. I let them know I prefer to make my order by phone and the women kept insisting I go online. Just thought that was annoying 🤷‍♂️

Avoid if you want timely meds

Pro: Good customer service. Con: Poor inventory management. ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS delivery time. Over 3 hours.

Best Delivery Ever

Was a bit skeptical, doing the delivery thing. But was completely satisfied with the "Alien Og" Bud... Gorilla Glue 4 VVS, both choices we're killer... Will be ordering again. Very professional staff, Quality products, wait time was less then posted time.

Didnt get my free eigth.

Kinda salty about that, hooefully they look out on the next order.

Fantastic Delivery Service!

Just ordered for delivery for the first time, and they were great! Easy ordering process, friendly customer service, and decent prices for quality products. The delivery driver was super nice (and cute), and he made sure to keep me informed of his ETA. Very laid back company, but very professional at the same time. Will be ordering from them again. Quick note, it does take at least a couple of hours for them to actually deliver, so planning ahead is recommended.

4 hours, still waiting

7:25 PM weedmaps confirmed my order and 11:33 PM I still haven't received my order. what a waste of time. waiting on them so I can go to bed. should've just gone out and gotten it myself from a storefront. Not sure what kind of delivery service this is.

3 and a half hour delivery time

I could have drove to LA purchased meds and made it back to Long Beach TWICE before these guys got here. And I’m still waiting as I write this... seriously unacceptable. I was given a 2 hour eta which is even too long for a delivery, but then pushed to 3 and a half hours?! Wtf are you guys even doing?! Crazy.. learn the delivery service industry. If a pizza place can manage 45 mins-hour you should be able to do better than 3 AND A HALF HOURS. Now makes me think you have a bunch of fake reviews cause there’s no way I’m the first person this has happened too.. don’t order from this place if you are ordering to Long Beach, they take 3+ hours to deliver! 🤬🤬🤬
Puffy Delivery
Downtown Long Beach
We're sorry about the wait time. Depending on the day and time of day, our orders get really backed up, especially this last Friday when the storm rolled in. I know we see a lot more orders than a pizza delivery place, with a larger radius so we try our best to get orders out to everyone. We deliver to every city in Orange County as well as Long Beach and Lakewood. If you want to give us another try we can give you 15% off your order. Again we are sorry about the inconvenience. We hope you at least enjoyed your meds.
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Very Professional

Excellent service! Delivery was quick and easy, driver was very professional and courteous! Highly recommend you check them out!


No problems with service got everything fast and products were good.


best buds. best delivery. best customer service. best deals. 5stars