Mini Fuzzies - OG Kush Pre-Roll (3pk)




2.4 grams / 3 joints per package




These Indica-dominant pre-rolls are a good option for when you want to bring it down a level.


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4.1 stars

My other favorite thing to get

these are perfect for me...small enough for 1 person, but strong enough for 1 person. The case is a little hard to open, but not any worse than all the other weed products packaging. I do like that they stay fresh in the case. OG Kush is a classic you can't go wrong with!


was totally into these prerolls. but I guess these guys dont expect you to break it apart and pack it in a bong..its 28/Sept 0900 hrs..I break it apart to filled and riddled with little mini stems and chunks of thick!!! A sham..dont believe me break up a mini fuzzy you can see for you self!! too bad I've been buying them for months .sadly not the case anymore.

Oh Mr Fuzzie

I decided to try not knowing rolled in a yummy green powder which I will call moon dust my delivery gal knew her stuff 😊make sure she said lite then blow out lit and enjoyed the high cute little box and just the right size

Always a nice little booster pack

When I do hauls I always grab these as the cherry on top and smoke one on the way home. Good potency and decent price for the trio.

It's ok

Normally I buy cartridges but because I forgot my battery decided to try Fuzzies. I don't need a honker of a joint so tried the Fuzzie 3 joints. How the hell do you open the package? What am I supposed to do with arrows on the end? There was no perforation to open the ends. once I pried the case open, there was a little dust storm. Can't complain about the joint being loosely rolled, it took a minute to light. Am I high? Not yet.

The best !!

wish they were sold everywhere!! I repeat: Wish they were sold everywhere!! I love these. Dank af! A little goes a long way. Nice package. Reusable. Underrated. Honestly one of the best. Thank me l8r

Holy Fuzzy!

This was my second experience with the God almighty Fuzzy...this is a 5star pre roll...nice long lasting high, mellow and giggles for days! I really hope i start seeing these around more and hope you never run outta them.

Lots of Love in a small case

I encountered these guys by accident in a small shop in DTLA so I took a risk and it and I regret nothing! These little guys pack a punch and come in these handy dandy tin to store them in The joints aren't filled with some bunk they hit like heaven A++ in my book
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