Sundae Sunset

Effects: The high is calming but can last for hours without crashing if you don’t go overboard and aren’t already tired, making this a good option for pain patients and calm morning sessions. While not overwhelming, Sunset Sherbet is euphoric and creative on the mind, which pairs well with the soothing indica effects. Medical benefits include potential treatment of anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, eating disorders and depression. Looks: Reminiscent of a cup of rainbow sherbet or a summer evening, Sunset Sherbet carries deep patches of violet and thick orange pistils, which shine against the light, dull green on the rest of the calyxes. Smell: Sugary, tart and tropical notes dominate, like an orange-mango-raspberry smoothie, with subtle skunky and earthy notes to round things out — although not enough for a true balance. Still, it’s a pleasant whiff, to say the least. Flavor: Sunset Sherbet’s taste is a little grainier with more soil notes than the smell suggests, but it still carries an immensely sweet flavor profile for cannabis, as rich notes of citrus and berries are present from start to finish.

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