Space Avenger

Coming in strong with a THC average of 20%, Space Avenger gives users a well-balanced set of effects that keep you on the edge but don’t push you over. The scents and flavors of this strain are quite different from each other, yet blend to create an overall experience that’s enjoyable. Tropical fruit kissed with honey will dance on your taste buds, while your nose will pick up on nutty cheese that’s slightly fruity for an aroma that fills the room with ease. Rather normal in appearance, nugs are small and round with subtle amber pistils and a dusting of clear trichomes.   Hitting you hard with a full set of superpowers, Space Avenger takes your mind and body on a wild ride through the universe. Your high will last for hours and begins with an energizing boost of blissful buzzing, elevating your body and bringing your mind to the upper limits of euphoria. During this time, no task is too large on your to-do list and you’ll feel creative and inspired to tackle any project you put your mind to. Eventually, the other end of this balanced hybrid’s effects will begin to kick in, and even though you’ll stay mentally alert, your body will feel completely relaxed without being heavy.  

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