Niagara Flower Depot

4.6 stars by 933 reviews
deliveryNiagara Falls, ONrecreational
Closed 8:30am - 11:00pm

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4.6 stars

Good Service Good Product

fast delivery and excellent product, best weed maps dispensary will order again.

great service

Great people doing great things for people everyday. Keep up the good work everyone! Cheers.

love these guys

awesome weed but sometimes they don't respond to your text message not very often but sometimes other than that great company have no problems

Wanted to order

I wanted to order, and it says that your service runs until 11pm. I was very disappointed to find out I needed to order before 9pm. considering that I was checking what was available and it put me to 9:15pm. :( I am thinking it would be more helpful to just state that you close at 9 and then explain in details that orders themselves can run until 11pm. My review can change with a future experience. Considering the abundance of good reviews to offer here. :)

Lmao at these fake reviews

for one you can tell by the pictures and when you buy the weed, it is deffs craft grown and fire ! They even sometimes shoutout the growers instas! Always white ash! Just have respect for the company that provides you with the chron and shut up! Stop wasting your time with bad reviews! Everything from this company is legit and btw everyone has bad days even delivery drivers so just smoke a bowl and forget about it! Cant believe yall. Stop hating on this amazing company!

Bush league and not the good kind

Mediocre bud, terrible customer service. Seriously, not worth the time or effort.

They must be great for everyone else except me :)

Called at 9:40 PM. No response. Then proceeded to text SMS to the same number. Emailed also. No response received at all. "Decent" customer service would be reaching out the following day to say something along the lines of "Oops! Sorry we weren't available yesterday, how can we help you today?" If they have limited times to place an order by, they should be posted. Otherwise, this outfit seems hit and miss. Definitely a big let down after reading so many positive reviews. We were like "for real?" and scratching our heads. Luckily there are other local delivery services. Peace out.
Niagara Flower Depot
Niagara Falls
Copied and pasted right from our details .. "Welcome to the Niagara Flower Depots TEXT only delivery service(Ontario, Canada)! We DO NOT answer calls or take orders passed 9pm. Scroll down for instructions on how to properly place your order through text. Orders must be placed by 9pm for same day delivery / deliveries start at 1030am daily...repeated attempts to call instead of text will be considered spam and will result in a blacklisting of your number . Thank you and please respect our services!" I'm really sorry that you missed that part , however, it's pretty basic, and we have been open 7 days a week, from taking orders from 830am until 9pm, and delivering from 1030am until 11pm, or all deliveries have been made . It isn't feasible for us to return any ones order the next day, as we begin taking orders at 830am, and believe me when say theres always a queue to answer. I'm sorry you feel we're a hit or miss, but I suggest if you wish to experience some of the more positive reviews, that you would follow a little more closely our detailed ordering protocol. Luckily, your review starts with "called at 9:40pm. no response." If this happened at 740pm, I could understand how we're a miss. In all genuinity we do hope you found what you were looking for as all we're trying to do is create a convenience for people like yourself. If we can make this right, I'm sure you know where to find us :) If not, hey.. no hard feelings ;)
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if one star

I was a consistent customer but tour response time has gone out of control before u responded i ordered somewhere else and had it deliverd before u answered then answer with a price and srry lmao i dont know what business doesn't want Customers .atleast dont know how u keep them I see good and bad reviews and your response time seems to be the big issue
Niagara Flower Depot
Niagara Falls
I had to wait to respond to this review until I had time to assess the situation. You placed an order to fort erie which didn't meet the minimum, at which point we immediately replied and informed you of this. Yes, we missed confirming your corrected order and it did take us just over 40 mins from the time you txted back , to when we confirmed. However, this did not affect your estimated time of arrival, as that is always given based off of when the order was placed in queue, and not when we respond to it. To go further, I notice my dispatch didn't mention when stating your total, but you were actually give the additional item at 1/3 the rate posted on menu. We never claimed to be the fastest out there. We offer same day delivery. We advertise genuine products with up to date photos, and more than fair rates..we also have covered all delivery charges since beginning of August to celebrate our 1 year. Of course we want to see our clients satisfied , so let us know how we can make it up to you. Trust me when I say most of the bad reviews are (not all, but most) people who didn't read ordering instructions, tried to order far below the minimum, or didn't even place an order, and then failed to receive a confirmation. We appreciate everyone who is patient when using our services, we have one ordering line and at times can become very overwhelmed while going down the list of confirmations. We hope to hear from you soon .
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Best place ever

Been going to these guys for awile and i can say without a doubt this is the best place around dont waste your time going anywere else.


FIRST TIME EVER ON WEEDMAPS,, so I was in the falls ran out of kush and then my friend told me about the app this company got me a quad of pink gelato and it was fire for 60 delivered to the hotel that's great I dont mind payong the extra 10 being from out of town its expected I do the same thing to ppl i dont know lol


100% amazing!!

I’ve been ordering from you for months now! Always have on time or early delivery! Thanks :)


First off, the ones claiming 'bad customer service' probably do not know how to read. If they did, they wouldn't be having difficulties. Way to be stupid! Always nice, respectful and quick!! Longest I've waited for a reply was half an hour, and the longest I've waited for a delivery was 2.5hours. Only once have they turned me down before close, but they offered an immediate reason why (too busy that evening to complete everyone's orders, and that's ok!) Great drivers, great organization. Keep up the great work 💕

Nothing compares to NFD

I’m legit shocked seeing some of these negative reviews.. Niagara flower depot has never disappointed me. Every time I’ve placed an order with them, they’ve always been extremely professional and their communication is outstanding. Most importantly, they have the best selection of high grade products vs others on the Weedmaps app and not to mention the driver is very kind/down to earth and has always been on time if not early based off of the estimated delivery arrival.. I love their packaging and how discreet they are too. These people are true professionals and it’s honestly disheartening to me as an extremely satisfied customer seeing the recent negativity in the reviews section. I’ve ordered from them several times, tried a variety of different products on their menu and can attest that they provide top-notch service. 5/5 stars✨ Congratulations on your one year anniversary btw, wishing you guys another prosperous year to come!

new to the area

I'm new to niagara but not to weed maps. after that awful first experience with High Grade Dispensary (waited 6 hrs and nothig showed). Now with this company, they responded, polite mannered. they told me my order would be between 430 - 630. it arrived at 6:40 after i texted them and they even have a track your driver which is neat! Driver was polite. all in all, could use alittle more communication and clarification but other than that great company so far! 👍👍

You guys saved my life lol

Came to niagara with a chick, turned into a nightmare. If it wasn’t for these guys I woulda thrown myself off the falls lol. Was my first time ever using a delivery service and they were quick and the product was great!

Great customer service

Niagara flower depot has been my go-to for the last 6 or 7 months and I've never had a bad experience. There have been 2 occasions in that time where a product I had requested was out of stock, and both times I was informed of similarly priced alternatives. Customer services has been great, from dispatch to delivery, and everything I've ordered has met or exceeded my expectations.


bad service

horrible customer service
Niagara Flower Depot
Niagara Falls
We have a pretty straightforward protocol for ordering. Its in our details section, and we also have an automated message that is being sent to each and every person who incorrectly orders, or sends anything to our line other than an order. Our photos are authentic , our ratings are modest at most. All available information for our products is listed on our menu. Our prices are more than fair and we are covering delivery all the month of August to celebrate our ONE year anniversary.
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Great product, great delivery.