Mr & Mrs Budd

3.6 stars by 43 reviews
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3.6 stars


They never answer and hire drivers that just short you and will steal from you. Fuk this place. Overpriced and bad service. You never know what your going to get with them

No answer phone off?

Some 24 hr service. Text, call, no answer. Never had an issue with being short, normally a gram heavy. Phone must be off. Gave me a story last time of someone jacked their phone number and issues with stuff like that.

awful company

legit do not buy from these people. The reviews that say they just take your money and give you a small amount of weed without returning calls/texts are 100% right. i guarantee the positive reviews of this place are from friends or the actual people working here. 0/10 will never be buying from this shitty place again. go away, you don't deserve to be on weedmaps. 👎

stole money and didnt give weed

I ordered 1/4 of Green crack they showed up and gave me the bag just after he left i noticed it was only 3 grams. they dont answer the phone and basically just left me hanging. I would not suggest ordering . Always check your bags! The lunch bag had 150$ written on it and im sure they blame this kind of thing on orders being mixed up.. They still dont answer or correct the mistake. I feel i was just outright robbed. And now a blocked number.


I ordered half an OZ through this service like previously. The order confirmed in minutes and delivery within an hour and a half. Received brown paper bag like the first time I ordered but after opening it found 1.5 GRAMS. Texted the guy I placed my order with and was met with a response “there was a mixup of two orders calling the driver now” with following messages like “he must be driving” and after that no responses. THIS IS A SCAM... I’m just trying to smoke some weed and sleep but instead I get ripped off $135. Do yourself a favour and stay clear from this money grab.... being a university student the loss of that kind of money is a horrible feeling.

Good Weed Bad Service

the weed here is good, prices are not the greatest plus they add delivery fee. Main issue is the poor service. When I first contacted them they presented a great service, fast replying and didnt have to wait to long for the first delivery. However now they don't reply a lot, sometimes take a few hours to reply. Then proceed to say it will be there within a certian time then everytime exceed their times. Was told that it would be there within the hour and had to wait 5 hours. Some times the bags come up short close to a gram. I tried to stick with them but they have shown time and time again their bad service. The weed is good and they have variety but you have to be okay with a long wait.

never even replied

tried texting, calling and emailing. recieved no reply.

Prices are outrageous

Good lord $250 average for an ounce ?? What is this 1999??
Mr & Mrs Budd
Niagara Falls
That is only for so many strains. We have strains for 180 as well. We try to be fair, take a look around the menu and you’ll see not everything is that price. Most aren’t.
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excellent- Said that they would be here in less than an hour and they were perfect! excellent bud also i love yall !


So happy with the service

Thank you Mr & Mrs Budd for once again blowing my expectations. - If you haven’t tried the watermelon yet, DO IT! Tastes and smells exactly like it.

Best company!

I have to say I agree with all the great reviews I see about this company, they truly do care about their company! Their rewards program is sweet too, they give back to you and show you that they care. Won’t ever go anywhere else. Such friendly people and great product. Love you guys (from Lewis st ;) )


Ever since trying this company I’ve never went anywhere else. The bud is always exactly it’s weight, the weed is amazing!!!! The Kief you get is unreal. Definitely top shelf quality! I buy from them every single day now.

place is a joke

cant even get a hold of them and when you do they just lie to you . would not go here ever!
Mr & Mrs Budd
Niagara Falls
Please stop spamming our page, we know they are all you recently. Our other reviews speak for themselves. This man tried robbing our drivers. Drivers please don’t go to 122 Vansickle, thank you!
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Never showed up..

I ordered a package of their Spaced Edibles at 10:35 pm. My boyfriend and I waited all night, until their 2 am closing time for these people. I only received one text from them, and that was after I had ordered, since they wanted to see I.D. They never showed up, I never got any additional texts about it at all. Very disappointed, I had read such good reviews on here.


Delivery time was reasonable, pure white ashes. would recommend this company. will be ordering again . 10 stars they deserve

Best business ever

I love this service, always on point and deliver is always quick. I’ve ordered moonrockets and they’ve been wonderful and certain different marijuana. 10 stars not 5 stars. They will always have my business :)


these guys are honestly amazing. the times may take a little bit at night but it's 24/7 and they always show. and they actually care about product being good. even if it's not up to your standard they are more then happy to work with you. very responsive and have just been a joy to order off . always remember me and make sure I'm taken care off

Highly Recommend Purple Tuna and Pink Ice

the price is worth it for the ounce and the quality of bud, it does have a strong scent to the buds which can vary from semi dense big buds to dense small buds. then the half qtr of pink ice is very pungent and smoked very smoothly. overall both strains blew my expectations for the deal i was getting.

Awesome service and product

As a veteran weed smoker the different varieties are wicked, good prices, very friendly service. Strongly recommend Mr & Mrs Budd