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4.7 stars

Great service in Lucerne!

They have top grade medicine! awesome delivery, arrive fairly soon, and very nice! Great prices

Do NOT trust this service!

I had about the worst experience you could possibly have with this service on my 3rd time picking up with them. I ordered an ounce of Gorilla Glue 2 weeks prior to this and was highly satisfied so I called and ordered another. Only this time I was given a bag of weed that had literally been taken off the plant the same day! It was so green that you could roll it up into a ball and it would all just stick together. I called 2 minutes later asking for my money back and they refused! I asked to exchange the weed and they refused. After calling them back at least a dozen times. They said I would need to drive back up the mountain the NEXT DAY(1 hour 15 min drive) to have it replaced. So I drive back and my ounce was replaced with GARBAGE flower. He blamed it on his grower, saying, “I never got to see the flower I sold you since it comes directly from the grower.” When I complained, I wasn’t taken seriously. Here’s your review!
Mountain Organics - Big Bear
Big Bear Lake
I'm sorry to hear your experience with us turned out to be so negative. After switching out your product I thought for sure there wasn't a problem? Here at Mountain Organics we strive for great customer service with a quality product at a competitive price. I know there was an issue with your product that time however before that you had stated "You have the best product on the planet". Again, I apologize for the last transaction but please allow previous transactions and the fact that we replaced your product when you felt it wasn't up to par to be the guide to return to us. Thank you!
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Don’t Overlook Mountain Organics

Been on the mountain a few years and I don’t know why I have not been a bigger customer of this place. I think it has been because they don’t always update their menu, but they do bring a mobile dispensary to you. There were only a few choices of flower today (They came before 8:30 am!) but I picked out some King Louie and some Bugatti. Both are insanely fluffy and the smoke is luscious and thick. Makes me think the strains are organic - given the business name. They literally are insanely soft and dense trichome covered nuggulars. I am on a cloud RN. Thank you Mountain Organics for bringing this medicine to me. I am so grateful I was able to get in touch with you this morning. Going to draw a bath soon, put on ‘Weather’ (album) by Tycho, and just float off on this tasty cloud for a bit. Then, I’ll get my laptop on the couch and do some work, maybe put on a movie in the background. And all medicated AF off the best flower I have seen on the mountain. That’s what’s up.

False advertisement

They promote deals they dont give you
Mountain Organics - Big Bear
Big Bear Lake
Unfortunately Mountain Monkey you don't have a Dr. rec therefore you don't qualify for our "New Patient" deals. We're more than happy to give the patient deal when you can provide a current Dr. rec. Thank you Monkey!
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Fire Meds 🔥🔥❤

I've been Very happy with Everything I've ordered😃😃✌💚

a great experience

a fine product delivered by a fine gentleman, I'm grateful!

Great Customer Service

A1 Customer Service .. He helped me find exactly what i needed 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A+ Delivery!

Driver Drew was super fast, very courteous, great communication- great product

Worst Weed EVER

Do not order weed from here thinking it’s going to be OG or gassy. May look fluffy but it’s not up to LA or Southern California standards. Makes my stomach hurt to smoke it. Don’t waste your money. If you complain you’ll just receive a phone call from who I assume is the owner, and he’ll just tell you that it’s good weed. I’m not dumb. I smoke high grade weed. And this just isn’t it! Worth a try I guess. SMH. Delivery women was nice.


Best prices in town for what I like 😊😊 prompt service and quality product for a great price

Great Customer service

We called- we were told 45 mins. They were there in 30. Bud-tender was very knowledgeable on the product. Definitely will be calling back. Btw- we got the blue- og very tasty and did what the bud-tender said it was gonna do. #bigbearweed


New patient. fast, friendly, and generous. Great packaging (very discreet). I would recommend them to others.

Just a satisfied customer 🙂

This place has continually been, on time, professional, friendly, courteous and provides excellent selection. Thanx for being sooo much better than all the rest!

mountain style

bomb*bomb the best I've had on the mountain thanks again.


Great product love that it’s in a easy open bottle rather then a baggie...

Fast delivery

Few days late to this review, they have top notch quality & FAST delivery. Needed my order first thing in the morning & they delivered in under 15 minutes.

best on the mountain

I have ordered from some delivery services that take 2 hours and make you feel like it's your fault. this service is totally opposite and by far have the best buds up here.

Consistently Great Med's & Always Friendly Service

I have never had a bad experience with this place. The bud is on point and Dennis is always friendly and knows his product. I'm loving this Alaskan Thunderf**k Vape Cartridge I recently got. Taste great and is really stoney. If you're in Big Bear and need a delivery, Mountain Organics should be the first place you call.

Life saver!

We went to Lake Arrowhead from FLA and Mountain Organics showed me the ropes and delivered the best weed and keef we have ever had at a very fair price!
James Gill


Mountain Organics has the best customer service and the best weed up here in Big Bear, can't beat those deals either!