Jetty Gold Cartridge, Maui Wowie


We love this sativa-dominant strain for its upbeat but mellow high and true Maui Wowie tropical taste. Preserving the strain's own cannabis terpenes and reintroducing them back into the finished oil is the only way to make that happen—something we do with every Jetty Gold strain. 500 mg gold distillate testing around 80% THC, with wood-tipped CCELL cartridge.

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4 stars

Jetty Maui waui

Bought it from Barbary coast in San Francisco. I completely recommend it smacks don’t get caught lacking this is gas. No cap.

nice terpenes

this ccell cartridge is actually very good among the rest i love the pull you can get from hetty. i have tried many ccell cartridges and they aren't as true to the profiles of the plants like these cartridges , they are still potent and true to the effects of that strain, And also to add they oil is high quality for sure but doesn't burn too fast that's really good so half gram cart for $40 last a week but is all you need , I recommend hybrids with balanced levels

I love it

After a long time I I have finally found my go to. It is Heady

Usually A Treat But Not This

One of the nicest things about this strain is the tropical type taste, and this had absolutely no taste! Didn't finish it as it was very weak as well.
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