Straw-Nana 1000mg Vape


Incredible flavor meets euphoria with MoonRockets LA’s Straw-Nana Vape. Inside is premium cannabis oil derived from high-quality Strawberry and Bannana flowers. MoonRockets LA’s artisan extractors isolated the most desirable characteristics of the strain, resulting in a concentrate that mirrors the experience of the flowers. Every puff sends the sweet, tropical, and fruity flavors from the terpene profile. The delicious strawberry and banana notes pair up with a body-high that soothes tense muscles and relaxes the mind.

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5 stars

Always got to!

So whenever I see banana or strawberry I have to try it! This strain is so bomb!! I think it’s strawberry fields with banana og and it’s 🔥! Bought 2 in a row I loved it so much 😍!
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