PHOENIX TEARS 1:1 THC 38% - CBD 38% - CBD OIL 1M - (1G) SYRINGE Tetra Tears

PHOENIX TEARS 1:1 THC 38% - CBD 38% - CBD OIL 1M - (1G) Our Charlotte’s Web Oil Tests out at 38%THC:38%CBD (380mg:380mg) and it is gaining popularity in the medical field because it does not make you feel like you are under the influence of the treatment and does not lead to high or euphoric feelings.   The uses of Charlotte’s Web hemp oil include the following:   Aids in relieving pain and inflammation Helps in treating the chronic pain Depression and anxiety Helps in the improvement of drug and nicotine withdrawal symptoms Schizophrenia Epilepsy disorders Cancer PTSD, Anxiety disorders, and OCD Diabetes Type 1 Alzheimer’s disease Acne   The Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is considered safe for children as well as the people who cannot live with the impaired or limited daily activities. It is ideal because Charlotte’s Web hemp oil has no psychoactive properties.

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