HONEY OIL 75-85% THC 0.5-1.5% CBD VAPE PEN KIT - RECHARGEABLE Tetra Concentrate

Honey Oil 75-85% THC 0.5-1.5% CBD Tetra Concentrate Rechargable Vape Pen Kit -    Smoke, vape, dab or consume orally. It can also be diluted and used on the skin, applied in foods, or put in gel caps. We use sub-zero temperatures with short contact times to extract this amazing blend of cannabinoids.  Made using dimethyl carbinol it comes out with a clear golden tint, We are able to extract a true cannabinoid and terpene profile using this process to obtain a natural tasting oil with nothing artificially added. *Easy to slip into a pocket or purse, they are perfect for on the go, inconspicuous medicating.  *Every vaporizer has special ceramic coils for proper consumption of distillate. The sleek design allows patients to medicate with ease and discretely on the go.   *A high dose, potent product for pain management, insomnia, stress etc.   *The pens emit a sweet-smelling smoke and are discreet.   *Distillate is a high-grade marijuana product that is very potent, this product is for those with a high tolerance. (.5 g of Honey Oil in Pen, Pen cart is re -fillable about 2 -3 times.)

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