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4.3 stars by 172 reviews
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4.3 stars

Guy got weird

Use to be the best. But the guy got real weird

Very good smoke

Some of the best I have ever had! Delivery was same day and buds were top!

Love the black cherry

Black cherry and the mimosa were killer!

Fantastic focus on clients ...

I've been dealing with this company for over two years now and never been disappointed if there ever was an issue I just called and spoke to Chris or Charlie and they've now become my dear friends over the last year's hopefully anyone who has any complaints will call and they will make it right if not better I'm not sure what all these negative reviews are recently but it seems unlikely that their service is so different from other people I must say I didn't see them work quite a bit of people for medical issues and they always have come out on top where the customer was happy

great service

always friendly and fast. the only place I'll use.

good things never last

I've been a customer for a while, always get the AAAA/AAAA+ 5star and have spent a lot of money here. My last order I tried black cherry and black tuna. I asked for the heaviest hitting and was told these were both "extremely tasty and super potent". These were absolutely not the case with either. This is the second time ive received product that has that stale hay smell and doesn't taste good at all. I contacted you the first time it happened and you reassured me that it was fine, inspected, lab tested etc so no point in making contact the second time to hear the same thing. I'll pay high prices for really good weed, but if you're sending out crap like that and calling it AAAA+ 5star, I'm definitely going somewhere else. Really disappointed Chris, you sounded like some one who really cared about their customers over the phone

Hash lovers PARADISE 🔥⛽🤤

over the past year I have had 4 different types of hash from MGC (red Lebanese/Morrocan Cream/Afghani and now Blonde Morrocan) ... and they are and have all been FIRE. legitimately can tell true traditions have been used in EVERY batch they receive. Thanks Guys ✌✊🙏💚


The harmony collective jar was fuego. Pricy but fuego. I’m a real cannasseur and I can assure you these guys know how to curate premium bud. This was my second order with them and I meant to leave review before.. better late than never! Lol!


delivery was fast service was ok but the weed wasnt good. Black ash and harsh. After doing a lot of reading up on them I thought I was going to be happy but that wasn't the case. I thought it being organic was going to be flavorful and smooth. I guess I'm not getting high today 👎
Micro Grown Cannabis
In fact this is a fake review. None of our herb burns as you described and we did not make a delivery to you. We check with all our clients that they are satisfied. Good luck
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Love the loud jars!

Was able to finally try these guys out and got the loud jars that are on sale right now they were grown by the harmony Collective which is amazing you don't know who they are then you're missing out phone was pretty easy just had to send in a copy of my photo ID driver was decently fast and they did what they could to keep me updated would recommend I will definitely order again

Free weed! Best people!

Had driver issues last night so they were not able to make it. Got a free 1/8th because I had to wait. That's what I'm talking about! Free weed!


Fantastic service, cannabis was top shelf. Highly recommend

Super impressed

Placed my first order tonight and was super fast even with the traffic issues. Got the blue lime pie and gram of shatter and very impressed with both. Best weed I have come across yet and I’ve tried plenty of the local delivery services. Actually placed an order just Friday with Country Cannabis and the buds are FULL of seeds and I didn’t by no discount weed. So glad I tried this place, I will order again....and again!!!! Thank You!!

Wish you were in my town

Was in Burlington for the weekend and met them at Karma Cup. Nice couple very much passionate about cannabis. Ordered some of the Coq Breath (yes I laughed to) and some hash . Both were impressive and left me higher then a kite. Lots of Love for you at the Karma Cup I can see why! Hope to come back and see you two again!

try the nuken

grabbed a small amount of nuken for a friend and i tonight (sept 04) this batch is amazing. definitely one of their best offerings right now. buds are fat, covered in trichomes, virtually no leaves, the smell fills the room instantly, smoke is smooth and thick and ash is white af TRY THE NUKEN

F#ck this weed

last time i coped it was sh#t
Micro Grown Cannabis
Don't think your one of our customers. If you were we would have exchanged anything you were not happy with. Think you got the wrong place.
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worth every penny

I don't mind spending a little more knowing that I am getting quality bud. Service is always great. keep up the good work!

Great product.

Great service, great product. Willing to pay a Little extra for a good quality bud and the convenience of home delivery. Thanks again. Cheers.




finally!!! old school juicy, Stanky, frosty clean smoke. you get what you pay for! and great customer service, fast and cheap delivery. best grass iv smoked in years!