Caliva | Chemistree

Product description
Total THC34.3%

Chemistree is a gassy indoor-grown cultivar, meticulously crafted with care by Caliva’s award-winning Cultivation Team. This high-quality cross of Motorbreath #15 x Headbanger yields large, bright green buds that deliver a sharp and penetrating fuel aroma with hints of pine. Like the sour notes that blossomed late in its harvest, look for initial relaxing qualities to give way to a creeping cerebral blast that will massage your forehead, announcing its sativa roots.

-Caliva-cultivated, indoor-grown, premium flower

-High potency sativa

-Cerebral & uplifting Gassy with sour pine aromas

FlowerBisabololCaryophylleneCBDACBGCBNChemicalCitrusCreativeDieselEnergeticFocusedLavenderLimoneneLinaloolMotivate Your MindMyrcenePineSativaStay ProductiveTHCTHC-DominantTHCATinglyUplifted
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6 reviews

2 months ago
5 stars


It has the smell of a classic, pungent OG or chemdog. Light it up, take a hit and the flavor explodes! It has been a while since I have had something so strong in flavor. You can taste some familiar notes, but it all combines into something unique. Even after exhale you will stiil have a mouth full of flavor that seems to settle into a chem aftertaste. I find myself taking extra hits just for the flavor. It burns clean with a nice smooth smoke. You can tell who ever grew this one knew what they were doing, like an old hippie grew it. I usually smoke indicas, but really enjoy this even though its sativa dominant. It doesnt trigger my anxiety or cause paranoia like some sativas do. Definitely hits the head first and hard, but will have your muscles relaxed and pain fading soon after. Great for daytime if you dont overdue it, but could also be used for sleep. At 29 percent thc, it is definitely potent. I will be buying this everytime I find it and recommend you do to!
2 months ago
5 stars

Nice Surprise

Wasn’t sure because of the affordable price. Was nicely surprised. Wish I could pick up more . 💚
2 months ago
5 stars

Amazing taste

This is super tasty I almost don't want to share that and keep it all for myself. Always love strains from caliva zcube was amazing and this is following the path.
3 months ago
5 stars

I finally found it

This is my favorite strain since back back in the day when I ever did smoke it this stuff is so amazing I had to drive back to the shop to get another one just in case they ran out Super taste 34% sativa To my taste buds FPOG 💪 taste I wish I had unlimited supply of this and I review on everything that is good this is my 38 review and this tops everything I’ve had bought anywhere ever since you can you see this product you must get it because that would be wrong If you didn’t
3 months ago
5 stars

Get This Strain When You Can

It's a creeper that pounds the forehead right between the eyes which is definitely the Headbanger lineage. If you like that old-school potent pot flavor and high, then grab some.
3 months ago
4 stars

Flavor Bomb sativa!

A really nice offering from Caliva- with beautiful terps and a flavor to match. Caliva is consistent with quality, but I've had a few strains that were closer to the 3 star range. Happy to report "Chemistree" is both tasty, and heady in the best possible way. Classic sativa creativity, and you'd better have some of your favorite munchies ready- it's a potent munchifier...Highly recommend! My (personal) rating system: 5 stars- best of the best! 4 stars- Superb! 3 stars- Good, reliable 2 stars- needs work 1 star- Sucks!
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