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First-Time Patients

25% discount with your first order. Coupon code "welcome"

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Visit our website, to learn how to become a member. . Your first order, please input coupon code "welcome" and you will receive 10% off. . Q: How do I place an order through A: It’s easy and convenient to order from us: -- shop and select the type of product you wish to purchase -- Select the products and quantity and they will be added to your shopping cart -- Once you have finished making your selections, click on your cart and you will be brought to the checkout page. -- Simply login to your account, confirm your shipping address and place your order. -- At the checkout confirmation page, you’ll see payment instructions alongside your order number. This will guide you on sending an Interac E-Transfer. -- Once we have received the E-Transfer, your order will be shipped and you will receive your XpressPost tracking number from us. . Q: When does my order ship out? A:Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours of payment. Q: How do I send an Interac E-Transfer? A: Simply login to your online banking, and select “E-Transfer”. Your bank or credit union will explain the rest. It’s easy and convenient. Marijuana, cannabis, medical marijuana, dispensary, marijuana legalization, dispensary near me, marijuana dispensary, dispensaries, medical marijuana card, dispensary near me, dispensaries near me, medical marijuana dispensaries, marijuana dispensaries, marijuana dispensaries near me, MMPR

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First-Time Patients

25% discount with your first order. Coupon code "welcome"

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