Jupiter OG (Top Shelf)

Top Shelf Jupiter OG Jupiter OG cannabis strain is a75 Indica/25 Sativa hybrid belongs to Celestial group of OGphenotypes bred in 1990's. This weed was named after Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Hence it is extremely potent, fast acting and long lasting. The Jupiter OG plant produces large yields, buds are dense and sticky with many orange hairs that give it reddish look. Jupiter OG marijuana strain is best for evening and night time use due to potency and sedative effect. Type of High Jupiter OG marijuana strain induces heavy narcotic body buzz with uplifting cerebral high. Calms the mind, relieves stress. Provides deep relaxation, strong pain relief, finishes with sedation. Promotes appetite, may cause pressure in the eye region Genetics Jupiter OG cannabis strain is a cross of heavy Indica strain and OG. Indica / Sativa RatioIndica Dominant Hybrid (25% Sativa / 75% Indica) Average THC / CBD Level16.00/23.50% THC 0.56/3.67% CBD 0.49/1.07% CBN

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