Heady - Lemon OG

Sometimes referred to as Presidential Kush, Lemon OG is a mellowing hybrid that, with its dense, sticky buds and its tangy-sweet lemon zest flavor, displays the qualities of a true leader when it comes to medicinal effects. There have been reports of Lemon OG coming to the aid of those in the thrall of side effects from chemotherapy, as well as providing relief from PTSD and depression. Note that the cannabinoid content of cannabis flower varies by batch. This batch of Heady Lemon OG is testing at 19.24% THC. Heady is the flower distribution arm of LEEF Organics, a California-based cannabis cultivator run by a team of self-described 'soil-science nerds' who employ modern farming processes to create high-end products sourced from all-organic sun-grown cannabis.

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