Cresco - Live Budder - Strawberry Banana

From the Refresh line, Cresco Strawberry Banana Live Budder is a smooth, spreadable cannabis concentrate with a consistency not unlike that of peanut butter, which is accomplished by flash-freezing uncured cannabis plants and extracting the active compounds, which are then whipped, frosting-style, until they reach the desired consistency. The sophisticated extraction process preserves the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the original plant, allowing for an unparalleled cannabis experience. Cresco Strawberry Banana Live Budder carries with it equal parts energy and calm, a powerfully happy outlook coupled with a potent creative anima and wakefulness, making Strawberry Banana Live Budder an excellent choice for mid-day excursions or switching gears after a long day at work. Cresco Strawberry Banana Live Budder can be smoked from a dab rig, portable vape rig, or similar. Note that the cannabinoid content of some cannabis products varies from harvest to harvest. This batch of Cresco Strawberry Banana Live Budder tests at 72% THC. Cresco is a recreational brand operated by Cresco Labs, a leading medical cannabis company based in Illinois. Cresco eschews the traditional indica/hybrid/sativa system in favor of three color-coded categories, Rest, Refresh and Rise.

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