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Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

Select Elite elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene-infused distillate in our award winning cartridges. This top-shelf product packs a powerful punch of flavor and potency with our highest concentration of activated THC . Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options.

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3.6 stars

Hits but

Just doesn't really taste that good Tastes like many other carts. Tastes oily. Raw gardens vs these - raw wins 10 times out of 10 tastes like chow mein lol

What happened

This used to be my favorite strain by select but tastes like they completely changed the formula, it's more citrus then creamy now. Not terrible but still dissapointed

Pretty Dank

Price was decent I paid $37 +tax etc but overall good cartridge. No burnt taste, doesn't hurt my throat either so not sure what the other reviews are referring to on here but will definitely try some of their other brands soon.

Got this instead of the one I ordered.

Unfortunately given this cartridge instead of the kingpen I ordered. Thoroughly disappointed with the product.

Dose is come with the whole thing never did the pen befor what all do i need for this.


Doesn't taste anything like gelato... but it's a really relaxing and 'dreamy' strain

Hits slow. Tastes like rotten asshole

Try another flavor. is weak af.


This flavor is straight gas! It doesn’t taste burnt at all. It tastes like how some fire gelato weed would but in a oil form. I think people get the “burnt taste” mixed up with more of a weed tasting cart.


The cart tasted bad and they use plastic cartridges instead of glass. I wouldnt recommend this product to anyone. What a waste of money on such a cheap product.

It’s a good cart burns well

It was a good cart, I would get it again!

weird tasting

I'm a little disappointed cart is good but has a bad taste I dont know if it's fake or not I've been doing research cant find negative comments only about other cartridges tasting like rubber on weedmaps

Gelato in THE air!

ELITE 🍯🛢,more hybrid to me tho, tastes so creamy dreamy🌱🌲💨♠💨🌲🌱
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Our formulation team is always looking to make top notch products; sounds like a winner!
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First impression

I was very impressed after being skeptical for a few months . I always seen and knew about these and now that I’ve finally tried one . I feel dumb for not picking it up sooner . Gets me high and feeling nice . Does the the job for $30. I’ve had carts that have had me higher but this one would do just fine for me for the price . The potency is great and taste also. What got me to pick this up was when I talked to an ambassador while doing a pop up at a shop . . I heard y’all from Oregon. Good stuff
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Thanks for giving us a chance - we are happy to hear it paid off. Oregon is our HQ with other spots in NV, CA, AZ, and our newest addition, MI. Keep an eye out, because the world is in our radar!
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Before buying this cart I was so hyped to try it, didn’t mind the price since I got a discount. The regular prices do not reflect the potency. Hit it a good amount of times but the high was just not getting to where I thought it would, the high was nice but it just wasn’t getting me super medicated like other reviews claimed. Enough about the potency, lets get to the other aspects. The taste was amazing, had a nice natural taste to it and because of that I rated it a 4. The cart design is cool, vapor production is insane on this small cartridge! The fact that the lab results were on the packaging was a plus! Overall a good experience! Would I recommend? Yes, if you are looking for a clean cartridge with a great taste!

pleasantly surprised

very potent, taste great packs a punch.

An essential product

Love the Select Elite Gelato Cartridge! Picked up my first Cart from Connected Cannabis Co. and the quality was on point! It gave me an immediate head buzz...followed by an uplifting relaxation of the body and relief from invasive or persistent thoughts.  It has a very pleasant taste (a very defined pine with a hint of lemon) and smooth exhale. This Cart packs a big punch and a little goes a long way. I usually go through other brand name/higher priced cartridges pretty fast, but Select Elite did a great job with this one and I'm excited to try the rest of their products.
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