A hybrid with deep and worldly roots, Mandala #1 is a great choice for medical and recreational users alike. Mandala Seeds has crossed North Indian Sativa, New Zealand Purple Indica, and South African Highland Sativa for a strain that’s tasty and strong. Not only does it provide users with a great set of effects but it’s a plant that growers also love to have in their garden.  **Mandala #1 is no slouch when it comes to psychedelic effects, as THC level reaches 22%. Nugs tend to be dense and often showcasing a thick coating of trichomes to boot. Many love the scents and flavors this strain brings to the party, as apples, lime, and even mint, all dance and play around your face. With a nice balance of earth and fruit, it’s a strain that pleases savory and sweet fans. Imagine what the marijuana of the old times was like, as ancient wise people probably used it to foresee the future or something along those lines. This strain takes you back to those times, with a set of effects that are dreamy, euphoric, and pretty spacey. While you’ll be full of energy and ready to hug everyone you see, getting tasks done isn’t exactly on the agenda :) **Medicinal users appreciate Mandala #1 for its ability to aid in a variety of common ailments, including headaches, cramps, stress, depression, nausea, muscle soreness, and so much more. When you need to escape your body and mind for a while, this strain is a godsend. With around 1% CBG, it’s a nice choice for treating glaucoma as well as for insomnia.

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