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CANADA WIDE MAIL ORDER Delivery - Maricann

About Us

Maricann is a Fredericton Medical Marijuana Licensed Producer

Maricann is an entirely patient-focus licensed producer that is committed to bettering its community. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Maricann engages with its patients and formulates high-quality marijuana remedies tailored to meet their specific health needs. Registered cannabis patients can utilize Maricann’s mail order delivery service.



Maricann was initially founded in New Brunswick in 2013, driven by a combination of expertise, passion, and dedication to its patients. Many of the Maricann licensed producer team are patients themselves or have friends and family members who use medicinal cannabis. Maricann knows cutting corners isn’t an option. From the innovative cultivation of its plants to the refined extraction processes, Maricann is passionate about the power of medical cannabis.



Maricann offers a wide selection of cannabis oil and flower cultivars produced by Fredericton’s seasoned cultivators. Everything grows in Maricann’s cutting-edge and environmentally conscious facility. Maricann’s primary focus is in delivering clean, consistently effective marijuana therapies for patients. As Canada’s market evolves, Maricann seeks to provide patients with innovative new products designed to heal a wide range of symptoms. Patients can browse through cultivars such as Amnesia Haze, SFV OG, and Strawberry Ice. Maricann’s menu also offers expertly formulated cannabis oils. Those seeking to grow their own marijuana plants can purchase live clones directly from Maricann’s New Brunswick delivery facility. Maricann’s finely produced cannabis undergoes thorough third-party lab testing for consistent quality assurance.



Maricann embraces its core values of quality, authenticity, integrity, approachability, and innovation. Maricann strives to exceed industry standards in both product and customer service. Patients with questions can rely on Maricann’s knowledgeable team members to answer any question and clearly explain how medicinal cannabis may suit their medical needs. New patients must download the necessary registration paperwork to give to their physician. Once approved, they can take full advantage of Maricann’s mail order delivery service.


Service Locations:

Maricann delivers its medicinal cannabis directly to patients throughout New Brunswick and beyond. Based in Fredericton, the licensed producer ships to patients in Canterbury, Canoose, Saint John and Cambridge-Narrows. Residents in Gardner Creek, Bayside, Woodstock, and Moncton can rely on Maricann. The compassionate team at Maricann readily assists delivery patients in Houlton, Salisbury, Hartland, and Amherst. Throughout New Brunswick and the greater nation of Canada, Maricann is proud to aid any suffering individual to improve their quality of life.

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October 3rd, 2017

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