Flow Kana - Gold - Jack Herer - Sativa

Jack Herer is a sticky, densely-packed bud that isn't known for its visual traits as much as the smell, powerful lemon citrus that hides a rustic flavor leaning towards the soil, pine needles and fresh-cut wood, with just a hint of sweet at the back end. This is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid with an energizing, clear-headed high that transitions smoothly into a physically-relaxed, highly creative mindset that makes this strain a favorite for artists. Flow Kana's Jack Herer is a darker, bunchier cultivation of this strain with thick red hairs and deep pockets of delicate trichomes. The smell pops out of the jar, clean and refreshing. This is a well-grown, versatile flower, fine for glass, but it's worth mentioning that joints of Flow Kana's Jack Herer smell divine. This is an excellent afternoon strain, peppy and positive to start, engaging on the plateau, and relaxing at the finish, perfect for hiking, artistic endeavors of all kinds, or chewing through a really good book. Note that the cannabinoid content of cannabis flower varies from harvest to harvest. This batch of Flow Kana Jack Herer is testing at 16.02% THC. Flow Kana is a cannabis processor committed to enabling the production of sustainable, sun-grown cannabis sourced from small-batch, beyond-organic farms in Northern California.

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