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Lifted Bud


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CANADA WIDE MAIL ORDER Delivery - Lifted Bud


No medical card? No problem! Live on the other side of Canada? No problem. Can't smoke but still need THC and CBD? No problem. Whatever it may be, has you covered!

About Us

From buds and brownies to creams and candies - we've got it all! Delivery ANYWHERE in Canada - must be 19+ is a Canadian based Online Dispensary offering a wide variety of medical marijuana products delivered right to your door! We believe in giving Canadians easy, affordable, and safe access to quality cannabis products, so if you don't have your MMPR or medical marijuana card, there's no need to worry. Whether you are a recreational or medical user, is here to help. Not only do we carry high quality cannabis and concentrates such as shatter and THC distillate, we also have a large selection of edibles, oils, creams, capsules, and more for those looking for the healing effects of THC and CBD without the psychoactive high effects. If you're interested in trying something for the medical benefits but are not sure what would be right for you, feel free to contact us on any of our social media pages, or send us an email at! ----------------------------------------------------------- Marijuana, cannabis, medical marijuana, dispensary, marijuana legalization, dispensary near me, dispensaries near me, marijuana dispensary, dispensaries, medical marijuana card, mail order marijuana, mail order weed, MMPR, thc, cbd, kush, dope, dank, bud, ganja, grass, pot, medical cannabis, edibles, marijuana edibles, cannabis edibles, pot edibles, pot brownies, pot cookies, marijuana cookies, marijuana brownies, cannabis cookies, cannabis brownies, medicated cookies, medicated brownies, medicated candies, marijuana candies, cannabis candies, thc distillate, distillate, shatter, dabs, wax, twax, joint, blunt, pre roll, pre rolled, concentrates, capsules, creams, tincture, canada, canadian, recreational, medical, thc oil, cbd oil, cannabis oil

12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
12:00am -  11:59pm
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February 17th, 2017

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