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3.5 stars by 24 reviews
delivery Palm Desert, Californiamedical & recreational
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3.5 stars

best delivery around

Leef industries is my favorite place to call when I'm in need of some fire meds. The Farms flower is superb! Love the selection here. Just wish you guys carried the left coast cartridges! those have been my go to for the last few months, super fire. Thank you for the fast deliveries every time and the great customer service! :)

Great company!

I have bought a couple things from you guys. The wax was great quality. Unfortunately, the package flower that I received was really dry. To the point that I put some humility packets to moisten the buds but really didn’t do anything.

Bad service

Place takes way to long to get your order bs never again! Buds are very weak.


First off I ordered at 5:00pm with my DL picture and order and they took 3 hours to text me back it wasn't minimum so I responded with another item and they never even responded. Now that is discourteous.

prices are u serious were u think u are

no wonder why u have 3.8 on weedmaps reviews look at your selection and prices are ridiculous u smoking too much cause u tripping $65 for an eight and no shake products peace goodluck
Leef Industries
Palm Desert / Rancho Mirage
Hello Afranco5150, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us an honest review. We have 1/8ths starting at 25 and 35 dollars. Our top shelf is the only 1/8th at 65 dollars. We also carry shake by Rocket Fuel and Cali Rise at 25 dollars a quarter. The shake is very popular so we run out at times. we apologize we couldn't help you this time. On your next purchase show us this review for a discounted pre-roll.
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awesome service!!

first time here and they treated me so well. answered all my questions and they were very helpful and friendly. they have good deals as well. definitely will be coming back

bullshit flower and poor service no deals rip off


poor service

to me customer service is everything. that is why I will not be returning.

Not Good

I try to give all organizations, and the people caught up in them, the benefit of the doubt. But in my opinion, this place should be avoided. It would appear they are a fan of the bait and switch. That is to say, you order one thing and they have a sweet sounding, person, call you and say it is out of stock and offer you something they say is great but is actually terrible in exchange. You don’t have to be a behavioral economist to presume that the consumer jonsing for some pott will agree to whatever the seemingly nice person recommends. When I, rather politely, brought this to the attention of the nice lady, Jessica, at the other end of the phone line, I was rebuffed and she, in what could have been her attempt at a #metoo moment, accused me of verbally abusing her. #wow In response to that, I naturally requested that she consent to sharing the audio of the conversation so as to let the public decide who, in fact, is being abused. Of course, she declined... Just avoid this place as being... consumer abusize. And call your local legislators and ask them to take more action protecting consumers and those forced by economic circumstance to be a foot soldier in operations designed to use the working man to suppress his fellow working man. Or in this case, an otherwise probably lovely young woman and a guy who would rather not be ripped off... twice. (the first time I ordered it was all good though... go figure...)

Not happy. Super dry not fresh and 4 plus mos old

So I bought the champagne because of recommendation from a rep at LEEF and they said it was great. This was on January 5th. I asked if it was of good quality because I’ve been getting burned lately from various spots. I was reassured that it was prepackaged and fresh and there was zero chance of a burn. They were wrong. The package came sealed and all and I thought it would be ok it wasn’t. Super dry. Not fresh. Turned into not nugs but “powder” when I hand crumbled it and it worst in my grinder. I looked on package and it stated it was picked 8/20/2018 I don’t know much about picking but this seems like it was old as dirt? I think so. Anyway I have yet to find a good spot. I’ll keep looking. And as for you guys at leef responding that “ you want to make it right by allowing us to order again” from you? Save your breath. I’m going elsewhere unless you can make this right

Easy & Awesome

Thanks Leef! Great products and service every time 👌

Super clean

First visit seems like a very nice place very clean and welcoming Brad was super nice and got a nice package iwill .be going back

First time Perfect

First visiting an establishment such as this and I was nervous and uncertain. The employees were super helpful and for an old veteran made this experience worth reliving. Thank you.

Best first time experience

Best customer service, quick deliveries, and Great product with a huge selection!! Definitely will be coming back

Just simply awesome service

When you order from them they are on it asap! Placed an order online and it was at my door pretty fast. Always have good customer service when I order

speedy service and senior discounts!

They were here fast and gave me a senior discount! They have a positive vibe on the phone and very friendly staff

Outstanding Service

They kick everyones butt when it comes to product selection and prices! I only shop here

Nice guys but unorganized

Ordered 2 1/8ths using the online ordering system, Delivery took 1.5hrs and ended up mixing my order up with someone elses. it would have taken another 45 minutes for them to go get the right product that i ordered.

curbside service

maybe I dont want to stand on the curb.. let my neighbors and every one walking or driving by know my habits.. ask me if i want to examine it .. are you kidding.. in broad daylight..I was under the impression from previous orders you delivered to the door..

fast delivery!

they were in under 30 min! Fresh product! Free delivery! and I got a free lighter! only will order from them!