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Connected Cannabis Co. proudly presents its Biscotti cultivar, a Hybrid flower that sports a wonderful combination of euphoria and sedation. This stuff goes strong in the mind and body. Hailing from the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies cultivar, this flower pleases every sense; from its gorgeously dense nugs to its fruit-infused clouds of spiced earth, Biscotti is a cannabis connoisseur's choice.

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4.3 stars


Connoisseur’s choice

Stinky sticky beautiful tasty could always be stronger but it’s such a home run in all other categories that this one is something truly special. Will impress anyone in nose distance. This one makes the list of strains who’s smoke tastes exactly how the weed smells 😍 amazing. The smell is a funky deep complex delicious smell. You’re weed will go stale from how many times you open the jar to take a whiff. Absolutely delicious.

Always in the stash

Say no more fam


One of my favorites of all time, I love Connected's Biscotti strain, fyah!!! Sacramento's Dispensaries ought to be shame of themselves for their high prices though, I can go to the Bay Area and get the same exact strain for $52 at Bay Area C.R.A.F.T. and Connected is based in Sac, Alien Labs, all their top shelf $52 before taxes and they honor Med Card unlike Sac's (Ohana charges $70 1/8 before taxes $95 in all for their Alien Lab Gelato 41 and you have to have a state issued med rec) rediculous.

Doesn’t look as pictured, but it’s good shiz still

If you care about the look of it then maybe 4 stars but the taste, smell, and effects are great. I see people paying $90 tho, my dispensary had these for $35 (some of other strains from Connected were up to $60) so take my rating with the good price I got in mind. Really nice an hr or so before bed.


I was reading some of the reviews, some people complaining (not as pictured). This is by far the best weed I have ever smoked.I paid 95 an 1/8 and worth every penny. But as far as the people that feel like they got ripped off. I get it, I was a new customer bought 3 1/8ths from this place cost me 200$ with a 15% first time customer discount got home only to find out the seal on the Biscotti was open. I AM NOT KNOCKING THE GROWER AT ALL. Connected is amazing! Love this biscotti!!!!!!! It's the peolpe in the store fronts, thats were your getting robbed.

Not as pictured

Ordered this from grassdoor Lol they had a nice purple nugg on the page but got an all green 8th not even one hue of purple. What’s the hype? Better off w some fire quest🔥


Connected the best!!!!!! All of their products are amazing. Enjoy!

Paid 75 dollars for this loll

Weed is not as pictured!!! Don’t be fooled like me! What a joke. I paid 75 dollars an 8th with a first time patient deal otherwise it would have been 85. I was about to pick up two of their strains and I’m so so so so so glad I DID NOT. At first I decided what ever maybe it will smoke better than it looks. I rolled a joint and quickly found out I was wrong. The weed is average weed 45 to 50 dollars max. I don’t mind paying 75 I don’t mind paying 85 but to pay for 45 dollar average weed what a joke. Extremely disappointed. Really thought at these prices their quality would be on par with the best. Lol I’ve gotten better cannabis 10 years ago from a local hook. Save your money look for another company. I asked for a refund from the dispensary and was refused. I would ask for a refund but I doubt this company would provide one if they are adversing pictures that look NOTHING like the product

Connected CA's Outdoor is Better

I don't get the hype. Their sungrown flower tastes cleaner and is more dense, and it costs over 50% less. This $70 eighth of Biscotti was far less flavorful than a $25 eighth of Gushers I got a few weeks ago from the same club. Does get me pretty stoned. But honestly tastes like that boof gelato cut that delivery places been selling- a little minty and that's it.


dammm this strong weed like super flight

Off the hinges

Grabbed a Dime cart and this flower, off the chain 👍🏼🔥


One of the best biscotti’s I’ve ever had super tasty has that real cookie taste a little pricey from the VHHC with the latest text but definitely delicious nice sweet notes earth the little mostly reminds me of Cookies but a more refined better one


this my all time fav


Great flower! Not enough of this out there anymore. Well done fam!


Wow am absolutely impressed with this bud. The quality is just out of this world. It’s something you truly have to experience for yourself to know what am talking about. Thc levels range from 22% to 25% but it honestly hits better than some 30% buds I’ve had. I got mine for $68 with taxes and everything, I used the 15% off coupon I had, that’s why I decided to try it, since I had a coupon, and it was definitely worth it.

Bomb 8th

Smoked my 8th of Biscotti so quick, it’s high quality for sure. I overpaid by $10-15 but worth trying at least once

Elite bud

This is my ideal kind of bud. The nugs are tight, condensed, and fresh af. None of that flakey dry stuff, these buds are thick and moist. It's mostly lime green with orange hairs flowing through, and hints of purple/hunter green. It has everything going on. It leaves the sweetest smell in the air, and deeply penetrates the brain. This is some of the best quality I've ever had, and I'm very picky when it comes to bud. It's on the pricey side though, around $63 an eighth.
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