Purple Velvet by Maven

This genetic backcrossing of JahGoo only strengthened the sedating effects of this heavy Indica-dominant strain. Bright green buds accented with gorgeous purple make this hybrid easily identifiable, and its piney berry flavor tantalizes the palate, triggering serious “munchies.” This is a calm, peaceful strain.THC levels range quite drastically, making it impossible for independent laboratories to surmise an accurate concentration for Purple Velvet. Despite this, it is clearly very potent. Effects are hard- and fast-hitting, leaving you extremely relaxed and hungry. The “high” lasts several blissful hours, during which you may find leaving the sofa a notable challenge. For this reason, Purple Velvet is best for evening use.Medically, Purple Velvet is popular for treating an array of common health complaints, from chronic pain to inflammation, nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, headache, insomnia, stress, anxiety, muscular issues, neurological disorders, even the side effects of chemotherapy. This mood booster is famous for its sedating properties, making it ideal for keeping you still after surgery or other physical traumas.Patients get the most benefits from Purple Velvet, but it does not discriminate. Recreational users love this strain for its delightful flavor, appearance, smell, stickiness, and its famously calming effects.

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