Gelato Glue (Live Sauce) Cartridge


Tart & sweet with notes of berry, wood and pine.


Lot #068-S088 Potency: 88% TAC Origin: Hwy 36 - Humboldt, CA Lab Tests: COA 8/16/19


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4 stars
☤♪The Gladiators ⚖☮

Not great not terrible

I think this is a great beginners vape, unfortunately it was not very strong to me and lacked in a couple departments. The color was a little off more golden than yellow but that’s ok with me and flavor was alright. However it did give me a nice refreshing indica hybrid effect.

Insane... Just insane!

Ladies and Gentlemen this strain in this format is a Puffers Dream. I can finally hit one of these sticks as hard as I want without coughing my lungs inside out. 40 + years of on and off enjoyment of nature's gift and this was a first for me. Originally I thought it must be a bum stick but 30 seconds later I knew that was not the case at all. I blew out a cloud of smoke that was thick and aromatic just when I was hit with a sense of euphoria that laid me back and literally washed my stress away. Tropical Truffle remains as my favorite for taste and this is by far my favorite for relaxation with White Fire Og and Chocolate Hashberry as my favorites for the premium enjoyment of a connoisseur uplifting high and smoke. It's not coincidental that two of the four are Himalaya brand, a company always at the forefront of the industry in quality.
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