DIME 1100mg Cartridge - Blueberry Lemon Haze


All of our natural, cannabis-derived terpene blends are specifically formulated to deliver the best healing experience unique to each of your favorite strains. 

All of our cartridges are hand filled with special care from our production team, ensuring consistency and quality. Then they go through a 7 day steeping cycle to ensure the best hit.

Our cannabis related products are fully licensed by the state of California, and all materials we use are registered and reported from seed to sale through California growers and distributors.

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5 stars

One of my Favorites!

This is an absolutely phenomenal cartridge! Dime carts are great and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality cartridge. The flavor is wonderful, it hits smoothly, and I really enjoy the larger sized cartridges.

Crazy good!

I have honestly never tasted a single cannabis product like this! It's so complex and so delicious! I was looking for something different that didn't taste artificial and I came across this and I am in love!


Shits fire and I don’t buy boof carts

Dime industries

Blueberry lemon haze is the best sativa I’ve had so far from dime. Glad to Hear my local shop was gonna start holding these bad boys. Also was lucky enough to get a official battery. Kid_1375

One of the best Cartridges i've had!

Yo! So I've tried just about every brand of cartridge there is out here in southern california and This cartridge is the absolute best! The air flow is miles ahead of anything else that's out and it burns for a super smooth and clean hit. Fits 510 thread but if you can i recommend picking up the DIME battery. The size if the cartridge itself is probably one of the bigger ones in the market but after testing it's drop resistance soon came to find that it's pretty durable for its size but i still would be careful carrying it in your pockets if you're using it with a 510 thread battery.

In my All-Time Top 5!!! 💯🔥

Although I usually prefer Hybrids and Indicas to Sativas, this is my favorite oil of the 3 that I have tried. Hits hard and true, flavorful without being overwhelming or artificial tasting. No waste, hits to the end and puts my mind and body in the right place☯️. This is a must-try for any true cannabis connoisseur🤙🏼

Amazing Flavor

One of my fave flavors by DIME, it is smooth with subtle hints of flavor that work really good together.
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