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Marijuana listings in Downtown Long Beach, CA

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    Marijuana listings in Downtown Long Beach, CA

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    Weed Delivery in Long Beach

    Whether you need medical or adult use marijuana, Long Beach weed delivery services can get the products you need into your hands today. Weedmaps will help you discover local dispensaries that offer delivery services near your exact address. Get ready to place your order for the cannabis products you desire using Weedmaps.

    Long Beach Weed Delivery Information

    Weedmaps provides a list of local delivery services, products, and dispensaries to help you shop for your medical or recreational marijuana needs. Browse the various delivery services on Weedmaps to find the cannabis products you want, place them in your cart, and select delivery when you checkout. It's that easy.

    Neighborhoods in Long Beach

    Belmont Shores offers a mixture of urban and suburban living, surrounded by bars, boutiques, parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses. You can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, canals, lagoons, and boardwalks, along with the nightlife on East Second Street in Belmont Shores. Naples is another Long Beach neighborhood in Alamitos Bay, built on three islands, giving you a great place to go kayaking or boating. You'll also find fantastic nightlife and eatery options on Second Street in Naples.

    Waterfront is on the seaside and is often considered a part of Downtown Long Beach, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and Long Beach. You can visit a lighthouse and parks or walk along the boardwalk to enjoy waterfront attractions or various annual festivals in Waterfront. Check out the East Village Arts District for all things culture and art. With trendy bars, eclectic coffee shops, and hip restaurants surrounded by art museums, galleries, colorful murals, and live music, the East Village Arts District is a local favorite.

    Weed delivery is available in the following Long Beach neighborhoods and others:

    • Belmont Shores

    • Naples

    • Waterfront

    • Downtown Long Beach

    • East Village Arts District

    Weed Delivery in Long Beach

    You can find several dispensaries and delivery services in Long Beach, for your medical or recreational marijuana needs. Find out what's available using Weedmaps, then place your online order and opt for delivery to have them delivered right to your front door. Anyone 21 and older can enjoy legal weed delivery services with no restrictions in California.  Long Beach has many options to fit your needs.

    Available Cannabis Products in Long Beach, California

    Weedmaps delivery services have a variety of types of cannabis available. Most items that can be purchased in a dispensary are also available for delivery. Among options are:

    • Flower

    • Cannabis concentrates (such as resin, wax, budder, and sauce)

    • Edibles (oils, tinctures, candies, and drinks)

    • Vape pens (510 cartridges and disposable pens)

    • Topicals (salves and lotions)


    Is Long Beach weed delivery legal?

    Yes. Weed delivery is legal in Long Beach for medical and adult use, as long as the users meet the legal requirements. Medical marijuana users must hold a medical marijuana card, and recreational marijuana users must be 21 or older.

    Can you order marijuana online in Long Beach?

    Yes, you can order marijuana online in Long Beach. Weedmaps can connect you to a list of delivery services in your area for an online weed purchase.

    How does marijuana delivery work in Long Beach?

    To place an online order on Weedmaps, enter your address to find delivery services near you. Browse menus, add products to your cart, and check out for weed delivery in Long Beach.

    How do you get marijuana delivered in Long Beach?

    It's easy! Place your order online on Weedmaps and request delivery, then just sit back and wait for your weed delivery to arrive.

    Long Beach weed delivery is fast and straightforward. Weedmaps provides a comprehensive list of local dispensaries, products, and services to help you place an online order for your medical or recreational marijuana needs. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to explore and purchase various cannabis products and enjoy the convenience of delivery for your next order.

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    Downtown Long Beach listings