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In Good Health

Greenfield, MA - Delivery Only

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Greenfield Delivery - In Good Health

About Us

In Good Health is a Greenfield Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


In Good Health proudly introduces their Massachusetts statewide medical marijuana delivery to homebound patients in Greenfield and the surrounding areas. Proud to share their Brockton marijuana dispensary’s high-quality cannabis and service with patients throughout the state, In Good Health offers compassionate medical marijuana care to any qualifying individual in need.



To qualify for medical marijuana delivery, Greenfield patients must fill out and submit a delivery application to explain how they qualify for In Good Health’s delivery service. Following approval (1-2 days processing time), patients will receive login credentials to enter the online marijuana delivery order portal or be able to order cannabis via phone call. Patients may expect their medical marijuana delivery the day following their order, and on Saturdays, the cannabis order is fulfilled the following Monday.


Complete safety procedures protect every In Good Health medical marijuana delivery, with multiple drivers, GPS tracking and video surveillance monitoring the security of each patient, their cannabis products, and delivery drivers. Patients must offer proof of their status as a medical marijuana patient and state ID, and each delivery to Greenfield requires a $50 delivery fee that is waived when orders exceed $400 total.


Service Locations:

Patients located in Greenfield, Leyden, Colrain and Deerfield may safely utilize In Good Health’s Massachusetts statewide medical marijuana delivery. Their delivery drivers travel to Montague, Millers Falls, Gill, Northfield, and Erving, and are happy to transport their medical marijuana products to Buckland, Ashfield, and Conway. Patients in Southfield, Sunderland, Heath, and Charlemont can safely order their cannabis therapies, and whether driving to Rowe, Orange or New Salem, In Good Health strives to aid any medical marijuana patient with their services.


Location Information:

Greenfield serves as the county seat of Franklin County, located in north-central Massachusetts along Route-91. Established in 1686 along the Connecticut River, Greenfield houses both the Rocky Mountain Park and Temple Woods, offering walking trails and beautiful outdoor views. Further south, the Montague State Forest and Wendell State Forest house wildlife and other wooded trails. The French King Bridge connects both sides of the Connecticut River, while the Old Deerfield Village Historic District shows off local history. From the Northfield State Forest to the Deerfield River, Greenfield patients can rest assured they are receiving the best of cannabis care through In Good Health’s delivery.

8:30am -  7:00pm
8:30am -  7:00pm
8:30am -  7:00pm
8:30am -  7:00pm
8:30am -  7:00pm
8:30am -  7:00pm
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May 23rd, 2017

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