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4.7 stars by 139 reviews
delivery Hemet, Californiamedical
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4.7 stars

My G

He just pulled up on me and dropped that 24k and let me tap the blunt I got high just off that pick up off my boy black and brown sh^^t all day foo 🇮🇹


these guys are cooler than idk what, even though this is my first time ordering from yall imma still keep coming back and ordering from yall, thank u HTC hemet 😊

💚Always Very Pleased!🙏

I've been ordering here for several months now, the only time I don't is when I'm out of town😒Sorry lol but I have NEVER had better service out here🤗It's always been excellent & the meds are always tremendous. I was disappointed when I read some of the recent reviews😑I feel some of you need to do your research before you go bashing and assuming. I have OCD when it comes to trying anything cause I can get very sick. You can clearly tell the difference from the real & the fake IF you know what your looking for🧐. If you were being truly honest🤥 you'd know they were NOT FAKE🤦‍♀️ Like Jordans vs Shaqs🤣 You can clearly tell the fakes just by the package & what you see before even opening. Fakes can have bigger mouth pieces, bubbles, twist off at end, code/symbol wrong, leaking etc. I've went thru several dozen and NEVER had one with the fake code & I check EVERYtime 🤷‍♀️ They always hit great, taste like good flower like they should & definitely get the trick done! Keep it up HTC 💚

Dank Vape

After using a dank cartridge for a week, I found out that the company dank doesn’t seem to be a real company anymore but a lot of fakes are out there. One way is if your ccell has CA458 on it instead of the original code. So this place delivers fake cartridges as far as I’ve seen
HTC Meds
Hi, thanks for your review and I am sorry you feel that way but unfortunately our dank vapes do not have those codes and never have. Any one who orders is welcome to check the code before hand if needed, it is no problem. We are also quite aware of the fact fakes are being sold in the community everywhere. Almost every cart company out has fakes being sold. Dank Vapes is still a real company and they always are changing to try and stay ahead of the fakes being produced. Best thing to do is identify whether you have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd gen. If it is anything before the 4th gen then more than likely it's fake. We wish you the best of luck and hope you find what you are looking for. Again thank you for your review!
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Miss Fields

Very good quality
HTC Meds
Thank you! We are glad to hear you were pleased. - HTC
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Always has dank Bud

Fast delivery, great prices. Number One delivery Service In Town!!!

first time patient

Fast friendly service. Bud is ok.

best bud around

no,matter what he brings me i I always know its dank and fast 5 stars forsure

efficient ,fast, and great service

excellent delivery ..he was fast , the service was great..the flower was top notch my def place to have deliver my product. awesome company ...

Bad service

No updated pictures so I asked for a picture of the Girl Scout cookies he said he had then he said he couldn’t snap a pic but said I wasn’t obligated to buy the buds so once I checked it out it wasn’t real Girl Scout cookie so I couldn’t purchase it , An once I said that he told me to get out the car immediately then he sped off super fast all mad out of my neighborhood ! Completely OUT!
HTC Meds
So sorry for the late response. I apologize but we have not had any GSC in for a while. I apologize for any inconvenience but you must have the wrong delivery.
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Quality Buds

First time ordering here and got hooked up! Delivery was fast and not to mention that the driver was chill. Definitely one of the best service I've dealt with in town.

HTC Thank You VM ...

Thanks H Try this shit again so the Tropical Thunder is everything I look for in killer bud honestly I couldn't find anything to bitch about from the fastest delivery time ever for me, to the quality of the product to the people on your staff. I really am impressed, I wish more dispensaries/deliveries put as much care into providing the quality of the meds and customer service HTC does. I will be using HTC meds as my new go to spot and would recommend Htc Meds to anyone who is serious about getting the best meds . Everything that I could hope for in my never ending quest for the best ! And thats some real shit right there ! Get Some !

No new patients on the weekends?

Might wanna put no new patients on the weekends in your description bud. First time I ever heard of that bs

with the bussinees

thank you hector for the awesome quick service will be calling back

Call/Txt Them!

I've smoked over 40 yrs & Hector & Mia really DO have the best meds in the Valley! They get here B4 I'm ready every time (sorry bout that!) but r always chill asf- instead of driving off like a lot of places do or coping a crappy tude! Don't worry bout the Menu not being updated (USED 2 bother me) a quick txt/call & they always reply right away & have the BEST recommendations! Frosty Sticky Smelly Dank ass smoke delivered FAST & FRIENDLY! Try them if u like kick ass weed at killer prices!


HTC always comes thru with absolute Gas! super affordable and friendly staff 10/10 would reccomend!

Hector is the best

he always has the deals and the best flowers out here. Fast and reliable and never disappointed. HANDS DOWN BEST FLOWERS N THA CITY

meds are always good,,

great meds and fast and friendly service. 5star


Never an issue. Great stuff. Love the flower. I recommend, wait was so so on deliver about an hour

Always selections !!!

Always down to serve what u want without a doubt best in town with service and selections!!!!