Combining genetics from Golden Goat and Face Off OG, Golden Ticket balances full-body relaxation with invigorating cerebral qualities. Golden Ticket offers a supremely balanced high and a flavor profile that is an appealing blend of citrus and skunk. It can be great for daydreaming or light creative work at home. It’s also an excellent way to enhance an extended nature walk or to facilitate buzzy conversation with friends.It can soothe deep-seated aches and pains, both temporary and chronic. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also take the edge off of annoyances like headaches and stomach problems. In high enough doses, this strain’s thorough sedation can temporarily blunt the harsh symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD, and can ease insomniacs into a deep and restful sleep. Because its effects run the gamut from stimulating to relaxing, Golden Ticket is appropriate for use at any time of day. Its balance of thoughtfulness and relaxation is just the thing to help you feel like you could jump over the moon in ecstasy, or to simply unwind at home after a long day.

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