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The Bloom Brand Jack Herer BLOOM ONE is a great way to start your day with Jack Herer’s delectable, citrus-forward profile, which is perfectly retained in this convenient disposable pen. The Bloom Brand’s easy-to-use disposable vaporizer holds 300 mg of premium, ethanol-extracted Bloom Oil with 70% THC concentration.

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4 stars

Bloom One is the one!

Hi All, I have been a canibis consumer for 20 years.. I have been around for the Shwag days into the outdoor.. to the hydro all the way to the medical.. being that I am 35 years old now and I have a corporate position in a publicly traded company, the Bloom One is small discrete and packs a punch! I can now step out clear my head and take a small or big puff without the smell on my hands clothes or breath! This is a lifesaver I have tried many products.. rechargeable pens disposable pens dab rigs but the Boom One is the perfect calibration and potent product all in one and when you are out you just toss out no mess no charge.. I carry one with me at all times and they last almost 2 weeks.. that’s a lot for the average 25$. I have introduced this product to all my friends and family, my wife even smokes the Bloom One and she would have never taken a pull off a joint! Thank you thank you thank you for providing a more than 70% THC count on your products I will continue to purchase and promote! Thank you Bloom!
So awesome!:) Thanks for sharing Wespimp1, we appreciate you Bloomin' with us. Cheers!!
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The Bloom ONE is as far as you need to go

The Bloom ONE is PERFECTION. This is by far my favorite product ever made. As a budtender I’m surrounded by a lot of different vape products and when a patient asks me “What do you recommend?” I always walk straight to the Bloom ONE and say “This is as far as you need to go.” Reason being, the quality is always consistent, the flavor is unprecedented and quite frankly, in my experience, I’ve never had one malfunction on me ever. And every single time I make that recommendation, the patient always returns satisfied and ready to purchase another. Thank you Bloom!!

Not good

Got one, and it shorted out and the battery didn’t work at all. Basically was swindled 20$ and I had to throw it out.
We are sorry you encountered this problem. Can we ask where did you buy the disposable?
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Superior product in many ways

Have tried about 7 different type of disposable vapes and the concentrate is either weak or the me ha I s don't work well - when my local store stopped selling them I called the company to chase them down
Thank you for your feedback!
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