Holistic Approach Wellness - Redlands

3.7 stars by 12 reviews
delivery Redlands, Californiamedical & recreational
(909) 795-8182
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3.7 stars


I think people are slamming this place due to jealousy. They are 100% the greatest company I have come across. Professional people with top notch products. Ive never had a bad experience with them ever.......going on 4 years.


they didn't have everything I ordered which is fine but I got no phone call telling me so. Instead they just switched things out assuming I would be okay with it. They switched out Live diamonds with regular shatter. Then the driver asked for a larger amount of money then what the total was (100$ more) The carts I got were different brands than i ordered (a cheaper brand) yet I was charged more? very unhappy!!! dont waste your time cause If something is wrong it's not going to be rightly fixed. I've been smoking for ten years and I've worked in many labs testing wax. I know when my stuff doesn't look right. when I simply asked for more information the drive shut me down with lies that they are the ONLY delivery service In this area. She proceeded to tell me the seeds I can clearly see in the glass blunt are not seeds. At that point I gave up an took the 480$ loss on the bunk stuff I didn't want

So happy I tried this place!

Everything was easy from sending my information, placing my order and delivery. Their customer service was great and delivery was quick! Thank you!!

excellent customer service

I always appreciate great service! very informative & helpful on products. Only spot in town that closes late...look forward to my next purchase.

24 hours late

never showed up almost 24 hours later I get a eta and when I confronted them about not showing up to my home she thought the whole thing was funny. do not do business with these people as they will probably be getting shut down or put in jail very soon.


Got my delivery....love my stuff!!!! ...glad I was asked a lot of questions...looked up the strains suggested on a confirmation call, glad I changed my order...can't wait to try my vet gift of Wunderdog...it sounds great...

Verification is long

If u like to be interrogated be my guest

Great people

Easy to work with always has great recommendations, won’t purchase from anyone else if I don’t Have to. Thanks.

Bomb af

Delivery service is top notch! Never have to wait longer than they say and they are usually early. Bomb bud can’t complain. Definitely recommend 🔥🔥

Bad customer service

Verification process way to long they ask all these questions sounds like the police don’t waste your time. don’t even attempt to send you ID or recreational. And she asked me “ are you using it for recreational use or medical use “ she CALLED ME and ask that who even calls and asks all these questions like that and when I tried to tell them no “ I’m ok “ she still constantly tried to talk over me and get her point across and she even LAUGHED at me when I said “ that I’m ok “

Best Place Ever

I've tried my share of these places and I have to tell you that this is the place to go. Not only is the staff professional and extremely knowledgeable about their products but they are funny, kind and make you feel awesome. Their products are the best products I have had to date and they keep impressing me somehow. They always have what you want and need, they are continuously bringing in new great products and now I am speechless....almost. Holistic Approach Wellness is the place to get everything you need for a really great price too. Plus the DELIVERY is outstanding!!!! They are not over charging like most of the places these days. Way to go you guys. I thank you.


I absolutely love Holistic Approach. The customer service is perfect. The weed is BOMB!!! You won’t be disappointed...