Orange Sunset

$60.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Overflowing with the taste and aroma of mandarin orange zkittlez, creamy citrus soda, lime candy, and a hint of gassy pine. Orange Sunset’s lineage is a cross between our unparalleled Orange Banana and OZ Kush.

Lineage: Wonderbrett’s Orange Banana v1 x OZ Kush 

Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Caryophyllene

FlowerArousedCitrusCreativeEarthyEnergeticOrangeOrange Sunset

More about this strain: Orange Sunset

Orange Sunset by Wonderbrett is an indica-dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush. 

The top reported aromas of the Orange Sunset strain are orange and tangerine with hints of gas and pine. And it is said to taste similar with notes of citrus candy and pine. 

Orange Sunset by Wonderbrett is an indica-dominant hybrid of Orange Banana and OZ Kush. 

The top reported aromas of the Orange Sunset strain are orange and tangerine with hints of gas and pine. And it is said to taste similar with notes of citrus candy and pine. 

Top reported strain effects

  • Aroused

  • Creative

  • Energetic

Top reported strain flavors

  • Citrus

  • Earthy

  • Orange

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37 reviews

17 days ago
5 stars

Orange sunset is 🔥

Potent dank weed that smells like oranges and tastes great
La Mostaza
3 months ago
4 stars

Interesting Gassy Orange

When it comes to orange tasting flower, I'm used to a sweet profile. This doesn't have that classic sweet orange explosion but it does have an interesting gassy orange profile. If you can afford it and want to try a different type of orange, go for it. If you are looking for that sweet orange taste, I don't recommend it.
3 months ago
1 star

Orange Sunset

I got this 8th as a free one while purchasing another WB strain. This strain has a strong smell. Like any bud if you put an orange peel in with it. That’s about it. It’s dry, unappealing to the eye and just screams low-mid grade. It smells and tastes like chemicals were injected into it to add fruity smell. Not even close to worth the $54 plus tax Wonderbretts 8ths cost in SoCal, after tax they are $70. Both 8ths I got sucked. I will never buy a Wonderbrett product again. I strongly advise against wasting your money. Both the Wonderbrett 8ths I got are laugh out loud garbage bud. Back of the closet in case I find myself out of other weed to smoke. This brand sucks. And their boppy bubble-gum packaging is way overdone too, except some of their trash comes in resealable bags. Why? They both sucked EQUALLY. Why does only one get the jar? Lol.
5 stars


My dispensary just started carrying Wonderbrett. I'm always up for trying something new, but I never expected the awesomeness of this flower! The smell and taste are incredible with energizing effects for this gal. I love it so much that If I could only have one strain for the remainder of my days, this would be it. A+ to Wonderbrett! It tastes incredible and offers a terrifically smooth smoke.
1 year ago
5 stars

taste like oranges

Burns nice and slow taste like oranges 🍊 sneaks up on you gave me a mean head buzz got me in a good mood made me feel happy but then again Wonderbrett always makes me happy overall I loved it.
1 year ago
5 stars


First time trying anything from Wonderbrett. Nice clean packaging. Nugs are fat n the smell is great. Will get you supa blasted like me rn. High is strong but focused. Good enough get you locked on da couch lol, all while being euphoric. Definitely surprised me especially since I got knocked on my ah by Marathon just last night (29%thc). Will definitely be picking up more to donate their cause. Thank you Wonderbrett.
1 year ago
5 stars

✨👊🍊range You Glad You Did?!...🍊🍋🍍💐🍇

💥Terpenes: 🍊🍋Limonene, (mood elevating)🍍Pinene (energizing), 💐Linalool (calming), 🍇Caryophyllene (stress relief),...I'm starting to understand what's behind my purchase power. ...Taste: amazing all the way down to the ash. Orange Soda, a little Fuel. I store my Jars in the Fridge.. It's really like an Orange Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich when you're done, and all of the magic that brings...The Grove has great safe service, and an All Star Cast! 💥
9 months ago
5 stars

make sure you weight your half ounce bags

what is half ounce in weight ask wonderbrett because they apparently think that adding 10gr to a small Nugs people will not notice but I did and pretty disappointed that they claim it's 14g but it's 10g. very disappointed with the gid brand ..
1 year ago
5 stars

Fantastic medicine.

Absolutely love this one. This is what I expect from Wonderbrett when they do it right. Smells unique and not just another Cali Orange copy. It is a relaxing and stress relieving strain that has exceptional pain relief. It really helps with my inflammation. Puts me in a better mood almost instantly and relieves my joint pain better than most. both batches I tried were as consistent as I could hope for.
2 years ago
5 stars

Bought from Apothekare

It is one of the best strains I have ever smoked couch lock 🤧
10 months ago
5 stars

All about the Terps

Crazy Terps of Orange flavor mixed with original kush. I stocked up on weed awhile back and was sitting on this one. Finally cracked open the bag. 🔥🔥🔥
12 months ago
5 stars

Yoga Flame

Another wonderful WONDERBRETT product. That’s two for two. I might stop spending loot on this brand once I consume each flavor, but until then, roll that, light that, smoke it. 🔥
1 year ago
5 stars

Best outdoor experiences ever🌲🌕🔥🪐

This strain makes your stress fall away while giving you the energy to get outside & be active. I tend to workout on accident when I smoke this. It's great.
1 year ago
5 stars


Great flavor, uplifting high I believe they cross orange sunset to make OZK collab
5 months ago
5 stars

$45 of euphoric gas @indacut

Man this strain checks all the boxes. The nugs are big with vibrant orange hairs popping out everywhere. It smells like a citrusy dessert and smokes like one too! The high is like waking up on Saturday morning to a beautiful day. It’s super euphoric and calming leaving you with a grin on your face. This is definitely a cop for anyone looking for a perfect hybrid that checks all the boxes.
5 months ago
5 stars


Amazing smell, structure. and taste
6 months ago
5 stars

Great customer service!

Dee provided excellent customer service and put me on to some great product when my original selection was not available. Thank you!
6 months ago
5 stars


It tastes like orange peels .. it's pretty bomb.. easy to break down and has a nice high
6 months ago
5 stars


When you exhale it taste like Oranges and it’s fire
7 months ago
5 stars

Delicious flavors

Great taste and great high. Love this brand and their strains 🥰
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