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4.7 stars

Best delivery service!!!

Out of the many places I have ordered, Highlyfe will always be on top because they respond quickly. A lot of deliveries tend to put you on the back burner. ESPECIALLY before the legalization of recreational use. Highlyfe will always be my number one place because they have immaculate flower for super great deals! They always carry tons of variety that I can never get bored from. Don't waste your time with "xpress" crap! You are worth so much more!


The compassionate folks at High Life are #1 in this 'OGs' life, 1st rate service..prompt delivery and ' da straight up BOMB' product...throw the other numbers away....you have arrived...yah mon Peace Up..


I been buying from this guys since it was only for medical use. Till this day I have never been disappointed. Thier affordable and it's all Fireeee!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

The Real Plug 🔌 💯

Man hands down High Lyfe with that Quality care for they patients 👌🏽 let me just say they go out their way to make sure you’re taking care of, medicine always have been top quality nothing less! And I’m positive that won’t change, I’m locked in with High Lyfe! 💯 and shout out too Tony the driver he’s the GOAT for real 🙌🏽

Hidden taxes w/ innacurate ETA

First and foremost everyone should be aware even though it's not advertised on their page THERE IS TAX ADDED AFTER YOU ORDER my order shot up an additional 25 dollars from purchasing 2 items even with medical rec. So be ready to pay more than you thought. secondly my other issue was the eta I received from the dispatcher, I was told he was 90 minutes out only to receive another message 10 minutes later saying he was 20 minutes out, this was annoying because I was getting ready to fill that 90 minutes with errands which would have costed me my delivery with these peiple had I left my appt and couldn't make it back before the delivery arrived. So they highball their delivery ETA so they can look quicker and more efficient even though the person is maybe 10 minutes away they'll say 30 so they can look better, I don't think I'll be returning until they advertise their tax or get rid of it or at least add it to the price as to not blindside their customers.
Hayward / Castro Valley
Hello xxmadxhatterxx, We are saddened to hear that your experience with us wasn’t what you anticipated but we do happen to be confused where this review came about.. Our menu has all taxes included we may not advertise that tax is included but it definitely is and for the most part always has been except awhile back with specific brands. Being a medical patient you would need to have a MMIC issued from the state of California in order to get a tax break which only gives you a tax break from state sales tax which depends on the city you reside in but it does not exclude you from all taxes. In terms of ETA accuracy we always give customers an ETA of 90 Minutes OR LESS no matter what.. We give drivers a 90 minute window to get to every customer just in case something sets the driver back also because of Bay Area traffic but we always hope to make it before the 90 minute mark because let’s be serious who wants to wait 90 minutes for their order. This is the first time we have gotten a compliant for making it before the 90 minutes.. So since you had an unpleasant experience we would like to offer you $25 in credit to make up for the experience and we hope you’ll give us another shot and hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you, much love from the HighLyfe team.
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i like high lyfe

I like high lyfe. Good price at high lyfe. The people are nice at high lyfe. 😀

HighLyfe is the best life

HighLyfe is absolutely on point with their prices and delivery times, which is 90 mins or less. I only buy from them nobody else. I love that they are expanding and have edibles, topicals, cartridges and even pre rolls. I tried the Blue Tarantula preroll and it was fire! I am never disappointed and will ALWAYS be a repeat customer! 🥰❤️💯

Aye!... this ain't allowing me to give more stars!

Great service, Excellent customer service, and my go to. these guys are fast, sometimes too fast... I don't even have time to hit up an ATM to pull out cash and come back home sometimes🤣. 7⭐'s.

👌👌 fast

Service was smooth

This is the one....

Ok this is my favorite delivery service now hands down. Best quality bud and when they say top shelf it’s top shelf . The person taking orders is super cool, really helpful, responds quickly, felt like I was talking to a friend. Xavier the driver is hella cool as well. If you want some good quality bud for the best price and want to deal with some really cool people then this is your place. Now time for me to put one in the air.

Always Good

Everything is top of the line, 5 star product, delivery time, and customer service. My #1 go to for primo flower

Great service & good quality bud 👌

The best prices n quality hands down

Best of the best

Always got fire for good price and if ur on a budget they still got deals are good bud fire and high content in thc good service fast response and always delivers in the time frame given

New patient (yvonne)

today was my first order. verification was easy. placed my order and got quick response that I was being verified and they received my order. good communication with dispatch. got my total and eta. from eta to arrival was 34 minutes. I was originally given 90 minutes or less. great delivery time. Xavier was my driver 👍. he was friendly and actually talked for a few minutes. I didn't feel rushed, I got to look at my order and verify it was correct. I was given a 5 pack of prerolls for my first time gift...not a bootsy preroll like most places. I will definitely order again. Thanks for a great first experience!! 😁😁😁

Best dispensary

My favorite and best dispensary around my area, great prices and great flower. 10/10 recommend.

Great service

I order at least once a week from them and I have never had any problems always communicating with you. Always on time , great prices and great products only place I ever go

Best place

I order a few times always good weed quick delivery never had a problem

only place to buy

amazing service! Always on time and amazing prices!

My ONLY go to!!

Flower, Carts, Eeibles, u name it, they got it at UNBEATABLE prices. Number 1 recommended, always friendly with great customer service. My wife and I love these people!!


Great deals with awesome customer service. They're my #1 delivery service for sure. 😎