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3.6 stars

cartridges no good

I've been a customer for herbi for awhile now. I've been ordering their old pal cartridges and it never even seems to be filled all the way like what? I like herbi but they need to stop scamming people and give people what they buy. also their 1/8 a lot of the time are mostly stems.

horrible customer service

this is probably setup by some nerd to be fully automated, and it shows. spend your money elsewhere

DONT BUY FROM HERE, you’ll waste your money

So I bought some $15 eighths from here and all I got was stems and little pieces of nugs. On top of it, once they run out of their top priced weed, they put the bad weed up $2.00.and make it $17. They always have really bad 15$ eighths which is their “special deals” but in reality, its a $5.00 quality weed. QUALITY over quantity bitch .

$15 8th special

TRASH! Complete garbage. So many twigs, stems, loose leafs etc! Bought an ounce worth and every eighth was a disappointment, some were damn near all shake.

First time customer hit with a surprise

Really great service my driver was very sweet and provided me with good service all was good the flower(lemon skunk) was excellent then I open my old pal cart package and discover that my half gram was not filled it was literally almost half that really sucks being that a half gram isn't much to begin with. If they see this I hope they can fix that.

Weekend saver

I placed a order with a different company an didn’t hear back for 3 hours . Herbi was here in within the hour of me placing my order online ! Got a 1/2 oz of the stavia rolling kit along with the og smalls 1/8 for 15$. You guys saved my Labor Day weekend thank you ! Will be ordering again definitely.

1st time customer

Super easy ordering. Just register online, take a picture of ID or Passport and place your order. I used a referral link provided by a friend and received $20 off. Driver was friendly. Enjoying my 1oz of OG Kush.

Always satisfied

I like how the prices allow you to experiment all Cypress strains are fire. The 15 8th are hit or miss but sometimes they have some good bud for the price. Delivery is usually quick if it’s not the compensate with a free pre roll. Deals are legit too glad I found a these guys.

Worst company

Don't waste your money on them. Spend your money elsewhere

Cheap n' fast, just how I like it.

Got a couple $15 8ths delivered in about 30 minutes. Second time too a little longer but they updated my ETA for me so I wasn't trippin. smoked that 8th now I'm definitely trippin

Herbi man cometh

Since these fools have started delivering to the east bay they've been my only go to, hell they're even beating my dealers price/quality.

The service the east bay needed

I had ordered from these guys in the city and in Oakland, so glad they're finally delivering to the east bay, and doing it as quickly as they do in the city.
Michael Des

Great dispensary

You won’t be disappointed in product or price. Purple punch knocked me OUT and I am a daily (8 times a day) smoker and it put me on my *** for at least 5 hours. Amazing staff, super friendly drivers like David, phone techs when trying to decide what I want, just all around great service. Not to lie, I DID have an abnormally large wait time the first delivery, but MAN did they make up for it. Every case is different, but I’ve had many other companies just shrug it off. I guess what my point is; It’s nice to get taken care of. Thank you herbi :)

Very impressed

Fast delivery, fire for a low price. I was expecting bammer for $15 an eighth. Digital everything which is amazing and accepts credit cards! Herbi has earned a loyal customer!

Great weed

They deliver fast and have a good tree and a good price for some good weed

Over 2hr wait

They advertise 30-60min which that is a lie. Didn’t want to give me a discount for their false advertising so I told him to kick rocks.

Got an Amazing bud on an Amazing Price

My guys, I have just smoked the Mary Jane strain of Silver Lotus Smalls. And this shit is fucking amazing. God bless this delivery store for selling my friend's (I stole his weed not gonna lie) this marvelous pot. It has a perfect amount of THC and CBD. All for only $15 an eighth. I haven't had my med card for long, but that's the best deal I've god damn since then. High key gonna continue buying weed from this store just for the quality of such a low price. Thank you Mary Jane goddess for this, Your dear stoner in the area


Ordered online thru the website and it was so easy! ETA was about 1 1/2 he but they came in 30 min! Good weed too...got the job done & their deals are reasonable! Will def order from then again!!!


Couldn’t get my product cuz of some bullshit with my card. Told the lady we can go to the bank to get the money. Told me she couldn’t fed me an excuse told me to reorder. More like not ever ordering from these fucks again

Great service!

Completed a delivery thru the WeedMaps app for the first time with Herbi last night. Great selection and products!Excellent customer service and a prompt delivery time. Will buy again, 5 stars!!