Sacral / Vitality ( I ) - Chakras (1/8 Ounce)

This Sacral Chakra flower will relax you to your core, connecting you to feelings in your body while tuning you into the realm of your emotion. Enjoy this craft indica whenever you want experience life with all your senses. Indicas like this are known for their sedating and pain relieving effects, and are especially great for helping you drift off to sleep. At Chakras, cannabis is honored as a spiritual tool, cultivating it using the most natural, sustainable farming practices. The result is a top quality, clean green certified product that supports local farmers while respecting Mother Earth. Chakras' cannabis connoisseurs handle all products in house, ensuring Sacral Chakra flower is packaged with loving care and the utmost attention to detail. With a balanced Sacral Chakra, your infectious vitality and passion for life will inspire everyone you meet. For more information, please visit Please visit to sign up, place orders, and learn more about this product.

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