Root / Grounded ( I ) - Chakras (1/8 Ounce)

The intoxicating buzz you’ll get from the Root Chakra flower will connect you to your body, filling you with calm and stability. While some call it couch lock, we like to think Chakras' heaviest indica makes you feel grounded, providing a foundation from which greater confidence is sure to follow. Strong indicas are ideal for relaxing, relieving pain and combatting insomnia. At Chakras, cannabis is honored as a spiritual tool, cultivating it using the most natural, sustainable farming practices. The result is a top quality, clean green certified product that supports local farmers while respecting Mother Earth. Chakras' cannabis connoisseurs handle all our products in house, ensuring the Root Chakra flower is packaged with loving care and the utmost attention to detail. With your Root Chakra in balance, you just might become fearless in the face of adversity. For more information, please visit Please visit to sign up, place orders, and learn more about this product.

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