Pure Royal ( I ) - Pacific Cultivation (1/8 Ounce)

In the sun-soaked acres in the Mendocino hills, they use solar power, no synthetic pesticides and create very little waste. Pacific Cultivation has spent generations gathering the experience it takes to raise the highest quality cannabis sustainably and ethically.   From what goes into our soil to what goes into your bowl, they set the standards high. You can smoke local, trusting this cannabis to test pure and potent.   A hard hitter with a higher than average THC potency of 22-24% for a sun grown harvest--this Pure Royal is a unique cross of Pure and Royal Kush genetics. We find it effective in helping with symptoms associated with anxiety, PTSD and insomnia.    *Individual batch testing on products may vary. Please visit www.HERB.delivery to sign up, place orders, and learn more about this product.

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